Saturday, February 11, 2023

Government UFO Investigations - Former Intelligence Official Breaks Silence

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"Jay Stratton is one of the United States government’s highest-ranking and most experienced UFO hunters. During his long career working with various intelligence agencies, Stratton might have seen more of the Pentagon’s hidden UFO files than anyone. He is the only person in the federal government to have worked directly on all three of the most recent UFO programs, including one based in Las Vegas."

     When a mysterious unidentified flying object dubbed the “tic tac” alerted U.S. Navy aviators and sensors off the coast of San Diego in 2004, the federal government dropped the incident instead of investigating it. The first in-depth probe into the
incident occurred five years later under the auspices of a then-secretive program called AAWSAP, or the Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Program, created by the defense intelligence agency with “black budget funding” spearheaded by Sen. Harry Reid.

The “tic tac” was the first UFO incident tackled by AAWSAP and its contractor, Las Vegas aerospace pioneer Robert Bigelow. The U.S. released the report in 2018, and Stratton is the man who wrote it.

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