Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Is the UFO - UAP Phenomenon 'Ultraterrestrial?'

Ultraterrestrial Models


     Under consideration in this paper are two seminal statements and their concomitants, currently unknown, as follows:
1. There is an unidentified phenomenon interacting with the current human population on Earth;
By Hal Puthoff
The Journal of Cosmology
2. It is currently unknown whether the phenomenon is exclusively extraterrestrial, extradimensional, crypto-terrestrial, demonic/djinn, proto/ancient human, time-travelers, etc., or some combination or mutation of any or all of these. However, it appears highly likely that the phenomenon per se is not constituted exclusively of members of the current human population.

In this paper we address the above under the overarching theme Ultraterrestrials in order to develop a template to be matched against data at hand and that may be procured in the future.

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