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Former Seaman Reports UFO & USO Encounters With USS Hollister

Former Seaman Reports UFO & USO Encounter With USS Hollister

Our Channel Islands Naval experiences: 1972-1974

     As the only open UFO researcher on our war ship, the USS Holister DD-788, home ported in Long Beach Ca. I was awakened from sleep in my rack below decks by order of Lt. Robert Walter, the OOD that fateful night.
By Greg Barnes
The UFO Chronicles

The sailor who was dispatched to hurry me, wearing only my skivvy shorts, to the bridge, happened to be my best friend, a very excited seaman, Larry Allen, a Quartermaster striker on duty at that time during the mid-watch.

Larry said there was a big UFO directly over our ship, and Lt. Walter needs you on the bridge on the double!!

We both scrambled through the ship and up the ladders to the bridge. When we arrived, everyone was silent, like a movie, it was strange. Lt. Walter said, “You just missed it, a giant UFO was just above us, and it’s bright light lit up everything”.

I asked the radar man if it appeared on his screen. He said, “I don’t know, I was to busy looking at it directly overhead”.

Our crew estimated this event was no more than a 5 minute experience and I had just missed it, but my friend Larry got a good look at it before he ran to get me. It disappeared just before we arrived on the bridge.

I asked those on the bridge what emotion they felt when viewing this silent flying device? They answered: fear and awe.

Our sonar-men had occasionally detected a metallic object beneath the surface of the ocean making huge circles around our ship as we cruised at 14 knots, also in the Channel Islands area.


  1. Ha! Such the "only" UFO researcher aboard? Really? When did THIS happen in our US Navy there make believe person?? There is NO such thing and there never ever has been. Sorry dude...but nice try, actually it wasn't even a nice try...horrible lie!

    1. You sound so sure about it.
      If there's one lesson that I've learned in my life, it is this:

    2. The author, Barnes did not mean to say that he was a "UFO Investigator" in an official capacity; he meant that he was an "active enthusiast" into the subject matter before, during and after his service–FW

  2. Maybe he meant interested researcher personally? I mean I could call my self a researcher because I'm interested in UFOs and read everything I can about them.


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