Sunday, December 05, 2021

Pentagon Heading Up UFO Research is 'Totally Bogus,' Says Congressman, Tim Burchett

Pentagon Heading Up UFO Research is "Totally Bogus," Says Congressman, Tim Burchett

     Rep. Tim Burchett is not happy about the Pentagon starting up a new agency to head up UFO research–because he, like others, sees it as more secrets ... and less transparency.

The Tennessee congressman gave his thoughts on the matter Wednesday on Capitol Hill, and to put it frankly ... he ain't a fan of the move, especially since it felt like things were finally coming to light after decades of keeping this type of talk on the DL.

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  1. I saw the USAF/Boeing UFO projector do a demonstration, and given a tour of Boeing's video production lab back in 1988.In 2005 I saw a wingtip light on a jet 10 miles out and 1-2 miles up all of a sudden start floating like a glowing burning piece of paper in a breeze, then abruptly start doing a sine wave pattern in ever widening amplitude and increasing velocity until I could no longer follow it. What was that? I have no forking idea. Weird and eerie, to be sure.


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