Sunday, September 19, 2021

Alien Encounters Will be Discussed by Air Force Veterans on Coast to Coast AM This Sunday

Alien Encounters by Air Force Veterans

     An Air Force veteran who maintained nuclear missiles, and another who guarded them, will discuss their UFO experiences with journalist George Knapp this Sunday, September 19th, at 10 p.m. Pacific Time (1 a.m. Eastern September 20th).

Jeff Goodrich, who was a Minuteman Missile Handling Technician assigned to the 341st Missile Maintenance Squadron at Malmstrom AFB, Montana in the 1990s; and Mario Woods, who was a Security Policeman with the 44th Security Police Squadron at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota in the 1970s, will talk about their UAP sightings and, more importantly, their subsequent encounters with non-human entities.
Robert Hastings
By Robert Hastings
The UFO Chronicles

Two months after TSgt Goodrich and an officer witnessed several brilliant white, delta-shaped objects silently flying above the Missile Roll Transfer Building at Malmstrom, he was visited one night by a short, hooded figure who suddenly appeared in his bedroom. Seconds after the entity approached his bed, Goodrich became paralyzed. Another missile technician, sleeping in an adjacent room, was also paralyzed. A period of missing time followed but the next morning the two men discussed as much of the mysterious incident as they could recall. Goodrich later experienced other, similar home invasion encounters and is convinced that he had been interacting with alien beings associated with the UFO phenomenon.

Mario Woods’ first such encounter occurred in November 1977, while he was assigned to guard Ellsworth AFB’s November Flight—a group of ten Minuteman missiles controlled by a central Launch Control Capsule. While responding to intruder alarms at one of the ICBM silos, Woods and his Security Alert Team partner were shocked to see a huge, fiery orange sphere hovering a few feet above the site.

Seconds later, both men inexplicably began suffocating. It was as if all of the air had been instantly removed from the security vehicle’s cab. At the same time, Woods saw several short figures approaching the truck. Then, in what seemed like the next moment, he found that he and his partner were at a different location which he did not recognize. Upon frantically calling the security command post for assistance, Woods was told that other Security Police teams were searching for the pair and that they had been missing for four hours. Their truck was finally discovered 11 miles from the missile silo, sitting in a patch of wet mud. No tire tracks led up to the vehicle, suggesting that it had been dropped there from above.

During Woods’ subsequent debriefing and examination at the base hospital, it was determined that he had two perfectly circular scars on his body. He was ordered not to discuss the incident with his team partner, who was then quickly, unexpectedly transferred to another base

After years of nightmares about this experience, Woods finally underwent hypnosis in October 2017, in an effort to remember what had occurred during the missing four hours. What emerged was a terrifying account of Woods and his partner being abducted by non-human entities who took them aboard the UFO.

Woods’ and Goodrich’s experiences were first presented in my 2019 book, Confession: Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed.

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