Wednesday, September 08, 2021

A UFO Conspiracy Theorist – The Lonely Journey

A UFO Conspiracy Theorist – The Lonely Journey

One man navigates the search for truth, belonging and aliens in America
     All day long, Douglas Wilson had tended to cracked sidewalks and overgrown lawns, but now his shift was over, and he felt exalted as he looked up at the boundless Colorado sky.
By Jose A. Del Real
Anchorage Daily News
To pay the bills, Doug was a groundskeeper for a local school district in Denver. But his real calling - his vocation - was the search for truth.

Specifically: the search for truth about aliens, whose existence and technology he believed the U.S. government discovered decades ago and has kept hidden from the public.


  1. I'm confused .This appears as a feed from the WAPO to the Anchorage Daily News.The author writes in a manner one would expect from the WAPO with the usual insertion of politics,yet the authors name is credited to the Anchorage daily news.

    1. This a WAPO article picked up on the wire and published by the ADN–FW


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