Monday, June 14, 2021

Skeptic Mick West Pooh-Poohs Recent UFO / UAP Revelations

Skeptic Mick West Pooh-Poohs Recent UFO - UAP Revelations

This month the Pentagon will release its much-awaited UFO report. Extraterrestrial buffs think they’ll be vindicated - but they’ve gotten a bit ahead of themselves

     ... UFO enthusiasts claim that there’s amazing evidence of UAPs, representing something incredible, and that a special group has been investigating this for years. As with the Chilean case, we are shown blurry video from military-grade infrared
By Mick West
The Guardian
cameras as highly compelling evidence that has, apparently, resisted analysis.

But again, when the supposed evidence is subject to public scrutiny, the claims made about it fall away.

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  1. Ok, I see. This guy knows more than military experts, when it comes to official declarations pertaining to these cases. That makes HIM a conspiracy theorist of the worst kind. The Commander of the FA-18 flight is lying to us?


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