Sunday, May 30, 2021

Evidence Destroyed Re The Secret Pentagon UFO Program & Luis Elizondo

Evidence Destroyed Re The Secret UFO Program & Luis Elizondo


     Now, more than three and a half years after Elizondo told his extraordinary story about investigating unidentified aerial threats for the U.S. government, the saga has taken an unexpected turn. The DoD has now admitted exclusively to The
By John Greenewald
The Black Vault
Black Vault that they have destroyed some of the most crucial evidence that could either prove, or disprove, Elizondo’s work history within a secret UFO study known as AATIP.


  1. Elizondo has more credibility that Gough, who simply parrots the company line, so to speak..Elizondo predicted that there would be Pentagon push-back and so far it appears as the primary source of opposition may be Gough herself.Who does she report to in the current chain of command?She’s a civilian now after a 25 stint as a sworn officer. This information on her background is readily available via her linked in page.Does the Pentagon oversee her work or responses to FOIA’s or is she given carte blanche to reply to whomever and whenever she sees fit ?? I'm starting to wonder. She should be the first official subpoenaed in the classified/unclassified congressional or sub committee hearings. I will further predict resistance from the powers that be from the Pentagon over jurisdictional issues related to complying with compliance to subpoenae served I would anticipate that Elizondo retained as many relevant copies of emails that he could…. unless there was no means to print out the same.He just didn't resign on impulse and carefully planned his own exit strategy.. I’m surprised that there is minimal MS news media of these recent developments .. Its almost as though the current group of “so-called” journalists are more smitten with identity politics and what flavor of ice cream that Joe Biden prefers.. These are missed opportunities for the news media to get off their naive behinds and do as 1 of the recent George Knapp video blog participants replied ..gumshoe investigative work.Why am I the only one commenting on this very informative blog that gives the updated info and trends related to this topic??.Is it as Hynck stated over 40 years ago, a powerful desire to do nothing..We, as citizens of this country, have the right to know as to why the Pentagon is not forthcoming and responsive to our inquiries

  2. Knapp is a .gov psyop shill. Just look what he made the sherman ranch hoax into. The whole navy aatip ttsa nytimes jerkshow is transparently a cover for new defensive technology being tested, not alien craft. The .gov can't and will never admit to extraterrestrial life because it's extraterrestrial life that now runs western governments


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