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Do The Pentagon UFOs Cover An Ultra-Secret U.S. Project?

Do The Pentagon UFOs Cover An Ultra-Secret U.S. Project?

     Nobody escapes the suspicious detail that after decades of harsh ostracism on the UFO issue, the box of thunder was suddenly uncovered and in a few years the ufological issue was once again on the US government's agenda. For this reason, not a few voices are warning that this recent and unexpected update of the UFO investigation, under the acronym of the UAP, carried out by the Pentagon and the Department of Defense, can cover up many things and not necessarily the visit to our planet by part of extraterrestrial beings. In fact, this substantial question has been debated without end since the distant 1947, so it is not clear why the US government was going to restart, precisely in the XXI century, is this logical? What is behind all
José Antonio Caravaca
By José Antonio Caravaca
The UFO Chronicles
these latest movements? Is it possible that the US military is testing revolutionary new prototypes of top-secret aircraft and drones with the purpose of spreading the belief in UFOs? Are they withholding this information even from large portions of their own military? Do they conduct test flights with total impunity around the world under the umbrella of flying saucers?

And on the other hand it's also very curious that none of the other great superpowers of the planet, China or Russia (with the ability to track these mysterious and stealthy aircraft), are officially reporting or confirming these phenomena that apparently worry the North American authorities so much and that leads them to consider these objects as potential threats to national security. Aren't they for the Chinese, Russians or Spanish also?

Which leads us to hypothesize that perhaps all this "publicity" framework built around the Pentagon's UFOs, with unprecedented media overexposure, could actually be a gigantic macro-operation of the intelligence services for a few purposes–far removed from what everyone is waiting for? It would be something like an alibi devised by the secret services to justify the "inexplicable" presence of these objects flying over other countries with total impunity and violating international treaties ... And for decades, numerous researchers have been showing that some US secret agencies covertly encourage and promote the belief in UFOs (extraterrestrials) to hide all kinds of experiments and clandestine operations ...

Or is it as other scholars suggest that international public opinion is being prepared to make known a transcendental information related to the UFO phenomenon? How will we know this disclosure does not hide a manipulation for other purposes?

What there is no doubt of, is that all these events derived from 2017, with the public disclosure of the AATIP's activities, seem to hold many more clues than we currently know.

On the horizon we have a date, a countdown that expires in the summer of 2021, and that promises to offer more information about the so-called Pentagon UFOs ... at least we hope so ...

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