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Not of This World - The 1964 Socorro UFO with Humanoids

Not of This World - The 1964 Socorro UFO with Humanoids - By Ben Moss (2020)

     Finally, after a lot of blood sweat tears...figuratively, my book on the 1964 Socorro UFO landing has been completed and self-published. With excellent and positive reviews from well-known authors and researchers, I am pleased to have been able, over the last 5 years, to release this comprehensive and updated look at the Socorro UFO Landing in 1964.

In order to bring this case back into the public light, I self-published my book to avoid any digital theft, so a hard copy can be obtained by reaching out to me directly, either on Facebook, or you can email me directly, at

Ben Moss
By Ben Moss
The UFO Chronicles
Below is the books introduction, in order to give the reader a taste of the how and why the book was written:


"This book you have in your hands was written for several reasons, but the glue that bonds it all together was the 1964 UFO landing in Socorro, New Mexico on the evening of April 24th, 1964. My research of this case includes newly acquired documentation and witnesses, with testimony never heard before, and a plethora collaborating evidence. This is the most complete update of this case to date, combining new data with existing research, to present a comprehensive accounting of what actually occurred in the New Mexico desert in 1964"–Ray Stanford (4-26-2020)

Yet, even after 5 years of researching this event, there is much more to this story that fellow investigator Tony Angiola and I discovered after initiating our investigation, including 3 visits to the pleasant town of Socorro and the landing site in the desert were this event took place. This will be important, since many have written about this case, but few have been to ground zero itself. This itself is an ongoing issue with regards to investigations in Ufology, as attempting to do detailed research on a case ONLY from behind a computer screen is akin to trying to solve a murder but never going to the site of the crime itself.

Ray Stanford
Ray Stanford
A key event that opened the door to this journey was meeting and befriending Ray Stanford, the original NICAP investigator. Ray was on the scene in Socorro in April of 1964, invited onto the site by Dr. Allen Hynek himself, who was there on behalf of the Air force UFO investigative group, called Project Blue Book.

This has led to 100’s of hours of personal conversations with Ray, at his house, to see the incredible amount of data, film, and investigative research his 83 years on this Earth has enabled him to gather. Ray’s seminal book on Socorro, ‘Socorro Saucer in a Pentagon Pantry’, ( Published by Blueapple Books in 1976) has been a blessing as it presents his exhaustive investigation of this case, and I will borrow heavily, with Ray’s permission, from his research to make the case for this unusual’ event. A link to Ray’s book is here:

This is key to the book’s accuracy, as Ray is the last living person who was there in April of 1964, the day Dr. Hynek arrived, and invited onsite by Dr. Hynek himself. After Ray published his book, new information has come to light, and I will cover that here.

Not of This World - The 1964 Socorro UFO with Humanoids - Craft Illustration
The 1964 Socorro UFO (Illustration)

In 2018. another well researched book on Socorro came about out, after the author, Kevin Randle, a fellow UFO researcher, had Tony Angiola and I on his Podcast show for an interview, where we discussed this case and Kevin heard enough details that intrigued him enough to look further. Even though I have not used any part of Kevin’s book, he graciously said, when asked: “Good Evening, Ben. But of course, you can quote me... and let me say, that when I'm asked about Socorro, I make sure to mention that it was you and Tony who inspired me to look into the case again.”

Thanks to Kevin for helping to reignite interest in this case.

This book amalgamates both old and new data in one place, with references to the complete documentation used, in order to update and see the case in its entirety, including the amount of work put in by the investigative branches of the Air Force, Project Blue Book, the FBI, CIA and other government agencies, trying, and failing, to solve this case.

I am also including updated case files from Ray Stanford’s investigation, as he was kind enough to share his field notes and investigation with new notes and material updated in 2020. In addition, my investigation has found some new interesting information not seen before, as well as more input regarding personal encounters with Lonnie Zamora, the Socorro policeman who witnessed and reported this event. Only by doing some legwork on the ground in Socorro, and asking around with several locals who were there in 1964, did I find this new information regarding this case.

In addition, an interesting cache of military investigative data concerning this incident, that was part of the Army Blue Book UFO Investigative arm Project Blue Book, was recently found and acquired online by Rob Mercer in 2014, formerly of The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). These files enforce the depth and resources put into the investigation by the Air Force, FBI, and several other agencies. They will be discussed in detail. There are 283 pages in this newly found part of the Project Blue Book investigation that includes notes and documents, inquiries, and communications between many government agencies, and the extent of their own investigation.

Project Blue Book was created by the Air Force to study UFO’s to see if they were a threat to national security and for scientific analysis. It had several interesting names in its supposedly short life, including Project Sign in 1947, and Project Grudge in 1949. It was shut down and ceased operations on January 19th, 1970.


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