Friday, April 10, 2020

History Channel's, The Secret of The Skinwalker Ranch Reviewed

The History Channel's, Secret of The Skinwalker Ranch Reviewed

     For f**k’s sake, did they have to start with a dead cow? The supposed “mystery” of the 500-acre Skinwalker Ranch is entirely a modern creation, fabricated in the late twentieth century, and as a result, the stories told of the ranch’s supposed supernatural phenomena bear all the hallmarks of
By Jason Colavito
the era in which the myth formed—cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, poltergeists—rather than those popular before or after. There is something a little dated about probing “mysteries” that were au courant when the X-Files was still new, but that’s been the History Channel’s schtick for more than a decade now.


  1. This show is not a HOAX. There is no way the key scientist would risk his reputation because of making a few dollars making a short term series. If he were not there, I would have to consider it.

    1. It IS a hoax! The (supposed) "scientist" couldn't care less. His goal is to spread BS, to keep the simpleminded on their toes.
      and of coarse to get PAID to do just that.
      Look at the imbecile who stars in & produces Ancient Aliens! Perfect example.

  2. The show so far has been good up until they got Llamas to put in a fenced in area with high grass, defective cameras and no one hiding close to defend the Llamas in case they got attacked...they knew what could happen and they were just sitting ducks and no one cared ...hearing those poor animals cry was upsetting...this was animal abuse for sure! If they want to really see for themselves what comes creeping around in the night they should put the security guard in there for a night!

  3. This is a hoax. We own the land that boarders it. The Uta Tribe was cursed by the Navajo's Tribe. They just took a spin off store from this to hype it up an sold it to Kapp for millions. It was all gas lighting. Nothing more. Soon as it gets passed the ancient native stories of the curse an a skinwalker. That were it is all a tall tale. An the owner made a ton of money from the guy. 40 years of running cattle on the ridge an right through the skinwalker ranch on the Hicken ranch road in the day an night. Never seen anything. Gas lighting

  4. You can TELL that it's bullshit. No physical PROOF, just testimony from the local yocals on what they've seen or heard.

    The show & the movie was a joke (to say the least). They said anything to keep the simpleminded at the edge of their seat, biting their nails as they watched.

    If we're to take UFOlogy seriously, than stupid people shouldn't make a film and feeding us false, misleading and exaggerated statements, including the showing of photoshopped pics.
    I've been studying UFOLOGY since I was a teenager. I'm 63yo now and clearly understand why there are DEBUNKERS!
    There are a LOT of frauds out there, only seeking attention and/or money and tell you lies w/o batting an eyelash doing so.
    On the flip side of the coin, there are those people, who mistaken a either planet or a distant star as a UFO.
    That's just an error on their behalf.
    I once contacted an FAA official, thinking that I SAW a UFO out in the distance from my house. My neighbor also saw it and we freaked out!
    It turned out to be a 'drone'! lol
    Watch out for that show "Ancient Aliens". That's a PURE BS SHOW!
    The ONLY most recent video that I've seen was from a jet fighter from the USS Nimitz, that had it's targeting system aimed at a craft.
    Others are questionable and can be easily mistaken as 'anomalies'.

  5. skinwalker ranch is a joke - trying to immitate oak island - right6 down to the war room. Oak island is legit and shinwalker ranch is for fools,

    as for UFO's i think you better keep an open mind - we are certainly NOT the only planet with life.

    UFO's - yes - well life on other planets is a yes, dont know if they've been here yet but the Navy video from a war-plane says they have been.

    Bigfoot - hell no.

    Just my opinion and thats all that matters - bank on it!!


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