Friday, April 03, 2020

The Air Force And Recent UFO Encounters – What The Pentagon Is Not Answering

The Air Force And Recent UFO Encounters – What The Pentagon Is Not Answering

     One of the biggest questions regarding the U.S. Navy's recent disclosures regarding strange encounters with supposedly unidentified flying craft is why are we only hearing about this highly concerning phenomenon from just one
By Tyler Rogoway
The War Zone
service? A fact that isn't commonly understood is that it is not the Navy's job to maintain sovereignty over America's airspace, it is the U.S. Air Force's. If strange and unidentified craft are being detected or seen, the Air Force has the mission to respond and investigate, not the Navy, and it can do so at a moment's notice. So far, the Air Force has been totally mum on this issue, which is extremely bizarre considering the Navy's own messaging surrounding it.

With this in mind, last September, I reached out to the Air Force with a series of very pointed questions regarding what seems like a massive discrepancy in regards to the military branch's ability to execute its homeland air defense mission. ...

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