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Alien Abduction Supported By Cell Phone Data? – (Pt 2)

Alien Abduction Supported By Cell Phone Data? – (Pt 2)

Health and Activity App Showing Rise in Elevation

     Photographs from an iPhone (see above), alleged to document an alien abduction were today (2-7-20) released publicly.

Terry Lovelace
Former lawyer Terry Lovelace (65) says his cell phone was in his pocket last April when he was abducted from his bed and taken aboard a craft over his home in Dallas, Texas.

The images from his health and activity phone app show a vertical line which
David Haith
By David Haith
The UFO Chronicles
demonstrates the phone moved 60 feet upward in less than a minute. Later, Terry woke up traumatized, thinking he'd had a heart attack.

"I have no idea how long I was up there - likely about 32 minutes" he said.

Showing me pictures of his phone read out he explained that it displays the 60 seconds or less is the time it took him to travel 60 feet into the air at 5.23/4 am.

He said: "I assume I was somehow deposited back into my bed sometime between being taken at 5.23/4 and 5.55am when I awoke."

After what he believes was the abduction experience he discovered the phone remained in his pocket and the charger wire and his ear bud listening lead was still connected.

He explained: "The wires went up and down with me.”

When I awoke my earbuds were on my chest and the charging cable had been disconnected from the power socket. In older homes the connection becomes loose from usage and wear, so pulling the charger from the wall didn't require a lot of force."

He was rushed to hospital but after seven hours released with no cardiac event being diagnosed.

He had no recollection of the April event but revealed today that the following month he underwent hypnotic regression.

During this he recalled travelling through his house ceiling and into the air towards and into a large saucer through a camera-lens type opening in its underside.

Terry is well known in UFO circles for his book, Incident at Devil's Den which documents how in 1977 he and a friend were abducted into a huge triangle shaped craft while they were camping in Arkansas.

In an interview with Dean Caporella on the recent Alien Live revealed summit online he talked for the first time about the recent April abduction and how it was recorded on his cell phone.

In a new interview with me today Terry responded to skeptics and critics who are suggesting he might have strapped his phone to a drone to obtain the same app readings.

Terry Lovelacce's Medical Bill After Abduction
He said: "I don't own a drone and have never operated one. I have no proof other than my word. I do have medical bills that document my ambulance ride and hospital stay for April 16. If I hoaxed this, it was a costly venture"

Terry also answered critics who suggested that because he revealed in the Alien Live interview that he'd written a motion picture script of his experiences, he was a fraud just out to make money.

He said: "I've made my money. I worked very hard over a lifetime and had a very good career both in private practice and in public service. I don't need to sell books or cash in on a movie script"

He explained that he wrote the script so his story would be portrayed accurately without theatrics. He said he wrote his book as a cathartic exercise to relieve flashbacks, nightmares and obsessive thoughts that interfered with his life.

He revealed that the month following the April phone event he climbed five flights of stairs as quickly as he could manage with the same phone in his pocket.

He said: "The iPhone health app showed a stair-step like readout because time passed as I climbed upward. The reason my April health app shows a single bar is because I covered 60 feet - the equivalent of six flights of stairs - between 5.23am and 5.24am - a time that could have been anywhere between one and 60 seconds."

He added: "The two year old iPhone 6 has been through diagnostics and I will make it available for scrutiny under reasonable conditions. The lady at Apple who ran the diagnosis said the health app measures height by change in barometric pressure. She was confident about its accuracy. It's not measured by GPS - that has a margin of error. It doesn't show that I ever climbed down stairs. That would not have registered as 'steps taken' since I wasn't descending a ladder or opposing gravity. My phone shows that I took zero steps at 5.24am - I only traveled upward. My descent, absent body movement, would simply not register. That's how she explained it to me. I'm no engineer."

Terry revealed that his regression was performed by Robert Schwartz, a medical doctor with a psychiatric practice in Dallas.

He said: "I have the session on digital card. My regressed memory of April 16th was traveling through the ceiling and into the air toward a large saucer over my home. The bottom of the craft opened like a camera lens or an eye pupil and I was inside the craft. Even under hypnosis I couldn't provide much detail about being inside the ship. It was emotionally traumatic to relive and I was told would likely take several sessions to recall more detail."

The Dallas abduction all happened while Terry's wife slept beside him unaware until he awoke in distress thinking he was having a heart attack.

He said: "My wife is accustomed to strangeness and odd occurrences. She has been with me through screaming nightmares once or twice a year. She's very supportive and accepts that for some reason I am a ‘targeted individual’. She has spoken with my 82 year old sister who verified, that at times ...’Terry would disappear from the house when the lights came in through the windows’ I was between 5 and 8 years old when those events happened."

He told of one experience in 1987 when his wife woke up in the middle of the night and found he wasn't in bed beside her.

Explained Terry: "At the foot of the bed, silhouetted against a window, was an entity she perceived to be a young petite woman, possibly Asian. This woman telepathically told my wife "Everything's OK, go back to sleep" And she did! That was very uncharacteristic of my wife who's been frightened by a home intruder."

There's one other small piece of evidence of Terry's abduction - if he was carried literally through the solid plaster and timber of his home's roof.
Terry revealed: "My wife found pink fibers on the bed where I'd slept. They were consistent with attic insulation."

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