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'Aztec UFO Incident' Confidant Passes Away

'Aztec UFO Incident' Confidant Passes Away

     As a closing not to 2019, the Aztec UFO researchers have been informed that Mark Fargen, formerly of Cedar Hill, New Mexico, passed away October 12, 2019.

Mark had been a ranch hand for the Benson Leeper family for many years. Mark brought Scott Ramsey, Suzanne Ramsey, and
By Scott Ramsey, Suzanne Ramsey, and Frank Thayer
The UFO Chronicles
Mark L Fargen
Frank Thayer, the story of how Ruby Leeper, the wife of Benson Leeper, revealed to Mark verification of the flying saucer crash March 25, 1948. She claimed that her husband was one of three people from Aztec, New Mexico, who rushed to a crashed or downed object in the early morning hours of that spring day. A car arrived at the Leeper ranch and picked up Benson so the rancher could lead them to the mesa where the intact disc had landed or crashed.

When Benson returned home later that day, his wife asked him what had happened. In a way out of character for him, he became angry and told his wife of many years to never ask him about where he had been. It was only in her later years she would confide to Mark the weighty secret her husband finally admitted to her.

Mark was so close to the family that he is buried in the Leeper family plot at the Cedar Hill Cemetery.

Fargen’s passing was the second loss to the Aztec story, as William "Bill" Steinman, author of the 1986 book _Flying Saucer Crash at Aztec: A Well-kept Secret,_ died early in 2019.

Both of these men will be missed by many.


  1. This article about Mark Fargen and my in-laws Benson and Ruby Leeper is a total lie. Scott and Susanne Ramsey never were friends of my in laws. The only reason Mark is buried next to the Leeper’s in Ceder Hill is because I gave him the plot. Priscilla Shannon. You should not spread lies.

    1. Ms. Shannon,

      Thank you for taking time to comment, albeit very pointed.

      Curious, are you saying Mark Fargen was/is a liar? The Ramsey's are merely recounting what was told to them by Fargen. Moreover, no where in the article do the Ramsey's claim to be friends of the Leeper's. They're merely citing Fargen's comments to them, and paying their respects.


  2. There never was a crash at Aztec, New Mexico that was settled long ago. Those guys were trying to sell devices that they claimed came from the spaceship called "Doodlebugs" that they claimed would find oil, gas and gold and were both sued and prosecuted after the fraud came to light.
    At that time little was known about the planet Venus where they claimed the spacecraft came from but it is now known that it is impossible for life to exist on that planet being hotter than an oven and having an atmosphere of sulfuric acid. It's hard to believe people still fall for such a ridiculous hoax all these years later.

  3. It's really a shame that people knowingly write articles and books knowing they are a lie just to make money. There are so many leaks about everything going on in this world that it would be impossible for any human being to keep a secret for this long. Humans just can't keep secrets. There has never been any solid evidence of any UFO crash or alien visitation. You'll find 100+ books on every supposed "UFO INCIDENT" but none shed any more light than the other on any PROOF of the incidence actual existence.
    People that write the stories are just playing on the gullibility of humans that want there to be MORE to life than what we see around us. If they had any brains at all they would know that life on planet Earth is a much bigger story than any UFO incident. It's such a shame that we are looking for life elsewhere when we have yet to even find ourselves. It doesn't matter if you are an insignificant bum living in the gutter or the president of the United States, anyone will lie to make a buck. Almost every UFO story has been debunked but the hard core believers don't care, they would have to redo their whole way of thinking to believe otherwise so that is completely out of the question. Personally I would much rather know who and where I am because planet Earth and the universe its contained in is such a wonderous place to live and explore I don't need aliens to make my life more exciting. Reality is where the real fun is.

    1. Bobalagris,

      Thank you for your commentary.

      Where to begin ... Well, you speak in generalities, but posited your comment here re an article about a man, Mark Fargen (RIP) who shared a personal account with the Ramsey’s, and they are the authors of the book cited above, so by default it would seem that your accusation is directed at them (correct me if I’m wrong). However, I’ll attempt to go down both roads.

      You’re calling the Ramsey’s liars, this of course is most offensive (to be polite), but that statement, and the others I’ll address, demonstrates that you wear your ignorance on your sleeve.

      The Ramsey’s are not only people of impeccable character, they’re also very hard working, successful business folk, and all who know them can and would vouch for that, as I am doing here. Resorting to false, ad hominem attacks against folks whom you disagree with sheds more light on the character of the mudslinger and the weakness of his or her position than anything otherwise.

      Now generally speaking, it goes without saying that those who choose to put pen to paper, if you will—come in all stripes as with any field, which of course, includes those with low moral character and questionable goals, and the subject of Ufology is no exception. None of that applies here.

      Given your general statements (sans the implications) and lack of anything specific, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by assuming you haven’t read the Ramsey’s book. If that is the case (do tell) than any statements concerning same are absolutely meritless.

      Moreover, you throw a blanket on all UFO books in stating, “There has never been any solid evidence of any UFO crash or alien visitation.” Again this preconceived notion is nonsensical and demonstrably false.

      You also wrote, “… it would be impossible for any human being to keep a secret for this long” and “Almost every UFO story has been debunked” Again, making unsupported generalizations is an example of a fallacy of defective induction borne by ignorance and preconceptions of the subject matter addressed, and again—this is demonstrably false.

      Finally, in order to avoid Foot-in-Mouth disease—it’s prudent to acquaint yourself with the subject matter prior to addressing it.

      Frank Warren


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