Thursday, September 19, 2019

Airspace Closures For 'Storm Area 51'

Airspace Closures For 'Storm Area 51'

     Maybe the most aggravating and stupid online movement I have seen in a long while is "Storm Area 51." You can read about its ridiculous backstory here, but even the guy that inadvertently started it and the website that promoted it is now
By Tyler Rogoway
The War Zone
warning potential 'stormers' that they shouldn't go, as doing so puts themselves and the local populous in the tiny little community of Rachel, Nevada in danger. They even liken it to being "Fyrefest 2.0." The military and law enforcement have taken the event seriously, although just how prepared the locales that are at the focus of the ordeal are for a possible human invasion remains very much in question. Regardless, temporary flight restrictions have been posted in advance of next weekend in two key locations.

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