Monday, June 18, 2018

FADED GIANT: 1967 Oscar Flight UFO Incident – Robert Salas | INTERVIEW

FADED GIANT: 1967 Oscar Flight UFO Incident – Robert Salas

 Faded Giant is a military term used for event involving a nuclear reactor or radiological accident. It is also the title of Robert Salas’ book which explores UFO incident when Minuteman I
By OmniTalk Radio
missiles of Oscar Flight, assigned to Malmstrom AFB MT, were disabled. On March 24, 1967 on-site security guards reported a large UFO which hovered above the front gate to the Oscar Launch Control Facility. Captain Robert Salas (then First Lieutenant) was the Deputy Crew Commander on duty during that incident. Mr. Salas visited Cork on October 5, 2017 where I arranged a meeting with him. After I briefed him about current releases in relation to the UFO incidents of 172 Aviation Regiment (Yugoslav Air Force) from January 1975, he was kind enough to grant me 1-hour interview. We discussed his direct involvement in the Oscar Flight incident, overall implications, and his broad views about the phenomena. It was an honor to speak with Mr. Salas last October and our discussion is now finally available in public domain.

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