Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Solving the UFO Riddle with MADAR

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     If we are to get even close to solving the UFO riddle we must try some new ideas. That was the contention in 1970 when I created the MADAR Project. MADAR stands for Multiple Anomaly Detection and Automatic Recording. With numerous successes over a period of 50 years with one such detection station, and evidence from over 500 E-M cases (144 involving compass deviations), one thing is certain: UFOs can be detected and an early warning system will work and scientific data collection by civilians will prevail over a century of lies and cover-ups by world governments. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain, even new information on earthquakes!
Fran Ridge
By Fran Ridge
MADAR Director

The method became clear in April of 2016 when I discovered a new idea on how to duplicate the efforts of the original MADAR and make it possible for anybody to own and operate part of a world-wide system. After two years of research and development by my MADAR Special Advisers, thirty miniature-sized prototypes were placed in the United States with two in Canada and one each in the UK and New Zealand. During the last six months, at a build on-demand pace at near cost, that pace has been slow but determined. The MADAR-III DataProbe device nodes send data on the local geomagnetic field, the compass heading, barometric pressure; all time-stamped with the date and Universal Time Code. The MADAR server collects and stores the data and displays the nodes on a LIVE Map of the world at

We are doing it. It is working. But UFO sightings are at an all-time high behind the scenes and we may not get another chance like this. In any case, UFO activity is occurring and no doubt most of the surveillance is being done covertly. We need something to betray the presence of UFOs and get trained people out observing and recording data. But the pace is too slow and new ideas are being held back by lack of funding. A brand new idea on how to improve the system came about in the last month and the cost estimate to implement it are about $2500. We have already been funded a thousand dollars just for putting the devices near missile sites where UFO activity is being reported, especially with the threats of potential nuclear confrontations with countries like Iran and North Korea. We can't use that generous donation for our new idea.

If we can raise $10,000, we can fund the latest idea to improve the system and add 50 MADAR-III DataProbes to the world-wide network. That's 20 under our original doable goal for Jan 1, 2019 to have a hundred MADAR-III's operating in key areas. Without making any profit we can speed up the implementation of the Network by many months.

Your generous donation, no matter how small, makes you an official supporter. A UFO enthusiast with a scientific mind could buy a device and operate it, but ANYBODY can be a valuable part of the MADAR Project by just sending money and getting others to do the same.

We are not seeking any capital gain but scientific knowledge and search for the truth. All the funding we get for this project will go towards parts and server costs. Help us pull this off with your generous donation and support.
Francis Ridge
MADAR Director

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