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First Person To Report UFO's Still Believes in Phenomenon | UFO CHRONICLE – 1977

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First Person To Report UFO's Still Believes in Phenomenon (Kenneth Arnold) - Grit 7-10-1977

     On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, of Meridian, Idaho, was flying his two-seater plane from Chehalis to Yakima, Washington, over Mt Rainier.

Suddenly, there in his path, he said, were nine shiny, pulsating objects flying over the Cascade Mountains as fast as 1,700 miles per hour. They were moving in a strange weaving motion.

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  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I've been a life long contactee starting about age 9 or 10. My observations of unknown things in the sky has been with as many as 8 others. The appearances of "others" and other phenomena has included "greys," a basketball sized globe of gold and purple light, very tall beings, invisible one's that kept me "paralyzed" in bed, and much more. I just can't believe that all those experiences are from Earth based technology or science. What they are I don't know but it has never been a negative or painful physical experience and quite often I was left with lots of information and insight not previously held.


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