Thursday, November 23, 2017

Richard Doty Refutes "Liar" Label | INTERVIEW

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Richard Doty


     Doty, a former retired Special Agent who worked for Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), is the subject of many
debates and conversations regarding government-induced disinformation campaigns. Doty claims his innocence, and was even the subject of the documentary film "Mirage Men," which focused on government's most infamous cover-ups of alleged UFO cases. Critics claim he ruined some people's lives, namely Paul Bennewitz who was eventually placed in a mental health institute after extreme paranoia after being given supposed hoaxed documents by Doty to help discredit and turn away Bennewitz's UFO research.

One UFO researcher referred to Doty as "the biggest liar in the world", so, we reached out to Doty to try to set the record straight. Everyone has a side of the story and a voice that deserves to be heard.


DOTY: ... I was criticized, defamed, and humiliated by UFO insiders because the truth did not coincide with their beliefs. I fought back several times. ...


  1. Researcher Barry Greenwood, who was instrumental in exposing Doty's nefarious activities in the early 1980s, together with the late Robert Todd and myself, says:

    "Probably an appropriate title for a Doty article, he was trying to punk everyone. This is the era of the perpetrator accusing the victims (us) to deflect from their improprieties. Goebbels propaganda stroke was brilliant in that if one repeats a falsehood over and over very loudly, many humans tend to have their sensibilities worn down and eventually believe the falsehoods are true. The repetition is key. Over time one thinks 'Hmmm.....this keeps coming up so there must be something to it!' And guess what? Here he is again, playing a victim this time and reinforcing the old BS."

    Robert Hastings

  2. Doty is done. Why are there even articles on this guy anymore? He doesn't have any inside info or proof, he just lives off this like a parasite. Like Larry's time to just cut bait and stop talking to him or promoting him. Those that do should be called out in public to explain why...even if they have "Doctor" in their title.


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