Thursday, April 27, 2017

Key to Finding Alien Life Will Be Locating ‘New Quackers’

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Key to Finding Alien Life Will Be Locating ‘New Quackers’


A new "super-Earth" was just discovered in the constellation Cetus some 40 light-years away. This newfound planet could be Earth's big brother. It's roughly 40 percent larger than our world.

OK, you say, so what? Thousands of exoplanets have been found in the past decade. True, but this one has been called "the best candidate in the search for signs of life." And that sounds pretty special.
Seth Shostak
By Seth Shostak

But before you start high-fiving strangers or wagering with your significant other that we're about to hear from the little gray guys, consider the bigger picture. When should we get excited about progress in the search for alien life ...

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