Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Time Travel Possible, Claim Scientists

Time Travel Possible, Claim Scientists
The team of researchers claim that there are multiple, interacting universes – some very different from our own

Physicists reveal sensational findings which
could allow science fiction dreams to become reality

     THERE are multiple timelines playing out in parallel universes, according to a team of researchers.

The sensational claim was made by a team of physicists, who believe that the parallel universes can all affect one another.
The Sun

Professor Howard Wiseman and Dr Michael Hall, from Griffith University’s Centre for Quantum Dynamics, claim that the idea of parallel universes is more than just science fiction.

Fellow researcher Dr Dirk-Andre Deckert, from the University of California, helped further the researchers’ theory, which goes against almost all conventional understanding of space and time.

If there really are multiple, interacting universes, then it would be possible for time travellers to visit Earth, and every imaginable scenario would be played out in a parallel universe at some point.

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  1. Regarding the post "Time Travel Possible", I'd like to reference my blog on time travel which was posted May of 2016. The blog plays with the possibility that some Parallel Universes are symmetrical but since time is a variable, these symmetrical universes can ahead or behind ours. If we could jump from our universe to a symmetrical one, then we could experience our future or our present in real time. The blog also explains why we can interact with some spirits and why some are just residuals. (chuck zukowski)


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