Friday, November 04, 2016

The Aztec UFO Incident? Scientists and Military Converge on Witnesses’ Home

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Metorites and Flying Saucers - The Rockdale Reporter and Messenger (Highlighted) (Rockdale, Tex.) 1-2-1950
Witnesss were told that the mystery object was “no meteorite, but a guided object, probably from the military establishment of a foreign power.” (click and or right click on image to enlarge)

     Editors Note—The article above generally concerns what was initially reported to be a meteorite, which was tracked across the sky on October 30, 1947 (not August 1948 as the article incorrectly cites).
The Rockdale Reporter and Messenger
Reports of the military and scientists converging on the alleged Flying Saucer landing are part and parcel of what has become known as The Aztec Incident. Interestingly, the article in part states:
The Weafers reported their strange experience to persons, who had been in civilization, and were told that it was the much talked of meteorite. Soon university scientists arrived and set up measuring and calculating devices at the point where Mrs. Weafer first saw the strange object.

"Internationally known experts," says Weafer, "who were present that day at our home, approached me and told me that it was no meteorite, but a guided object, probably from the military establishment of a foreign power. There seemed considerable agreement among scientists and military authorities on the point."
[Editor's emphasis]
The Aztec Incident was/is thought to have occurred in the Spring (March) of 1948; what was publicly labeled a meteorite referenced in the a fore mentioned article occurred on October, 30 1947, approximately 5 months earlier. Were the Weafer’s witnesses to the Aztec Incident (from afar), further confirming military and scientific involvement? Was their experience a separate incident, 5 months apart, involving the military and scientists? Or was their sighting of an actual meteorite which seems to conflict with the Weafer declarations?—FW

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