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Worker Films UFO While On Break (VIDEO) | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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Worker Films UFO While On Break (Scarborough,Ontario) (1) 7-8-16
Worker Films UFO While On Break (Scarborough,Ontario) (2) 7-8-16

     I thought this sighting would interest you and readers thanks for your interest.

On July 8, 2016 - Same Date of Roswell Crash Anniversary I was on
By Paul Shishis
The UFO Chronicles
afternoon break in Scarborough,Ontario; there were some co-workers also outside chatting and joined the group.

After about five minutes while chatting with one co-worker,the other two went back inside.

Looked north of our position about a mile away - just a little east and noticed a roundish dark flashing object moving couple of hundred feet high at 3:14 pm.

It was moving from the east heading west at maintaining about the same altitude; it's movements appeared strange as there was also a bright flashing white light.

I alerted my friend and we both ran through the parking lot north at about seventy yards and stopped and looked up. It was now straight north of us sitting near stationary still about one mile away.

I then started to film and also had to point the object to the co-worker who took near a full minute to see it!

He stood beside and now could see it near stationary. Now it started to rise vertical then stop and hang stationary flashing this bright white light. It continued to climb straight up higher and higher with it's altitude at least one thousand feet .

Then we now had another co-worker witness this strange dark flashing round object - 2 witnesses

About every minute now passing by it just continued to climb straight up higher and higher would stop at intervals again remain stationary flashing.

Being so high without the flashing you would NOT be able to see it at that point; the object just continued to climb so high we could all no longer see it - gone!

I have attached nine of the best - zoomed in pictures before it rose thousands of feet in about one minute

The sighting ended at 3:27 pm by the last picture time stamp taken; the sighting lasted approximately 13 minutes

I also took four short video clips - July 8th ,2016. One clip does capture the object in question as evidence for a moment–very difficult to video due to distance with a 30x zoom

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