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The Errol Bruce-Knapp Phenomena – RIP

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Errol Bruce-Knapp

Editor's Note: As a tribute to Errol, we offer an article penned back in January of '08–may he rest in peace.–FW

The Errol Bruce-Knapp Phenomena
Strange Days Indeed!

     As it is with UFOs, Errol Bruce-Knapp is an ongoing phenomena unto himself, and believe me—we’re much better off for it!

For those not in the know Errol is a veteran of broadcast media, and those erudite in Canadian AM Newstalk Radio are no doubt aware of his last roost at Newstalk 1010 CFRB in Toronto, with his program entitled, Strange Days Indeed,” having aired on Saturday's, at 9:00 - 12:00 pm.
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 1-10-08

Sadly that broadcast came to an end recently, much to the chagrin of his regular listeners; however, just like the ever-elusive UFO, Errol keeps coming back!

Barely, skipping a beat, Errol has reinvented himself via a Podcast and for those who require their Strange Days fix, it can now be accessed 24/7!

His most recent podcast features dialogue with mainstream journalist, as well as friend to Ufology, Billy Cox, along with regulars, Dave Furlotte and wordsmith, Alfred Lehmberg.

I found the interview with Cox most fascinating, and although he would undoubtedly deny it, he (Cox) is a Ufologist in his own right.

Cox offers his views on the mainstream media’s, what I call the “wide-berth effect,” as well as how he is able to write UFO pieces (for the Herald Tribune) from time to time. Additionally, current UFO matters were covered e.g., Kucinich’s recent comments, and the UFO Conference at the “National Press Club” etc.

Although Cox was Errol’s most recent interview, many familiar voices have stopped by to talk UFOs; of late, Leslie Kean, UFO icon, Dick Hall (a regular), fellow Canadian, Don Ledger, Stuart Miller, Frank Feschino, Wendy Connors (another regular) to name few.

Errol’s laid back style as well as his upbeat personality puts his guests at ease, and casts an aura that one might find in talking to one’s favorite uncle. That said, given his knowledge of Ufology, he also knows what questions to ask, which elicits some very stimulating privities, and captivating colloquies.

Errol’s widespread erudition of the UFO phenomenon stems in part because he is the architect and repository for the UFO Updates mailing list, which is one of the greatest, if not the greatest asset a Ufologist could hope for via the Internet!

Ufology’s elite, as well as its abecedarians have been drawn together as a result of Errol’s efforts for the past 11 years.

Access to the archives is a must for any researcher, novice and or seasoned veteran alike; not only does one discover the collected input from the best in the business, one will also find accounts of practically every UFO event of the last 11 years, as they happened, as well as discussion about major events in UFO history.

Against the advice of many, the wealth of information, as well as the untold hours of Errol’s time & labor were bestowed upon the public without compensation for over a decade; his toils were given freely, and his expenses absorbed without complaint; however, in these increasingly difficult pecuniary times to ensure that this great benefaction continues a small pittance in the form of a subscription is in place to help off-set some of the operating costs.

For readers and truth-seekers alike with a keen interest in Ufology, and those who prefer to “hear it from the horse’s mouth" as events happen, a subscription is a worthwhile investment (to say the least); for researchers, investigators and or journalists, the UFO Updates Mailing List, along with the SDI Podcast is a must have tool in the inventory!

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