Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Remembering Ufologist Dee Andrew – RIP

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Remembering Dee Andrew

     It is with extreme sorrow I report the passing of long time Ufologist, former host of The Eye To The Sky radio show; friend and colleague, Dee Andrew. She lost her battle with cancer yesterday. Her beloved husband, David shared the sad news at FaceBook in part writing:
My angel, the light of my life passed from this world at 2:57 pm today. She was in my arms when she passed and her daughter was sitting next to her and holding her hand. Our grandson was standing beside us as well so she was surrounded by people who love her when she moved to the other side.
Frank Warren
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronciles

When Dee's show was in its prime her bio read:
Dee Andrew has been an avid UFO researcher for over forty years. Her personal journey as a UFO researcher began at age ten when she came across the book, “Flying Saucers-Serious Business” by Frank Edwards at the school library. As a voracious reader, she has amassed a huge collection of UFO related books and material.

Included in her research efforts, Mrs. Andrew is also the National Director for the International Community for Alien research (I.C.A.R.). Because she has researched and collected so much information on so many cases she is considered ICAR’s ufology historian as well as its resident expert on the Roswell incident.

As a trained abduction investigator she has worked many abduction cases for ICAR. UFO sightings are nothing new to her because she has had several sighting experiences of her own. She has been interviewed for a local television news story on UFO’s and was featured in an interview in UFO Magazine. Having published several online articles, her research and her efforts with the Eye to the Sky radio program have led to many of the top researchers in ufology being familiar with her work and her name.
It was my great privilege to be a guest on her show back in 2009, and as a tribute to her we present it below:

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