Saturday, March 26, 2016

AREA 51: Family Arrested at Gunpoint | VIDEO

AREA 51 - Family Arrested at Gunpoint

     A recently posted video shows a family being held at gunpoint after crossing the warning signs. Guards quickly swooped in seconds after they drove onto the grounds of the “secret” high security base.


The family that kept going is stopped by a truck only seconds after passing the signs. two guards come out of the truck, one apparently holding a camera, the other a gun. They appear to instruct the passengers of the vehicles to exit the car with their hands raised. The driver is then asked to approach the guards with his hands raised, walking backwards towards the guards. [...]

By Alejandro Rojas

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  1. anywhere in the world if you get close to a military base etc. You will be cut off. Why do people think that since this is the USA that it should be any different? What are they hiding? Don't know don't care. Sleep well tonight friends because there is someone guarding a gate that says no trespassing. You all would do the same at your house or property and then invoke the second ammendment if violated. Eat your own feedback.


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