Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What Should We Do When We Find Aliens?

What Should We Do When We Find Aliens?

"Are there any official government or scientific plans for the scenario
where we discover intelligent life or more importantly, if intelligent life finds us?"

     There are, in fact! However, these tend to be more guidelines on what to do than actual rules, and aren’t binding in an international court of law. There is a branch of law for dealing with outer space, called International Space Law, which are a set of rules that the UN has laid out and all UN member countries have agreed to abide by. It is a string of very sensible rules for behavior in space, like “do not put nuclear weapons in space”, “your country cannot claim a piece of space”, “you cannot build a military base on the moon”, and “space is for all countries”.
Jillian Scudder

Most of the guidelines for what to do in case we find or are found by aliens have a similar set of instructions, whether it be found in the SETI Institution’s version, entitled “Protocols for an ETI Signal Detection” (ETI standing for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), the “Declaration of Principles for Activities Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence”, which has been signed off on by a whole slew of administrative bodies. But really, they’ve signed off on agreeing to be guided by the guidelines. [...]

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  1. Discover Alien intelligences? A lot of us have already. Those of us who bother paying any attention to the enviorment around us and when it is disturbed that is. From lights flying overhead and suddenly making 90 degree right angle turns, to the things that go 'bump' in the night. These beings are keeping an eye on us, both as 'guardian angels' and 'demons'. There in lies the truth, there is a religious connection, the trick is to dig though everything, the masses of experience and news reports to find the ultimate truth of the matter. A child who complains about monsters in the closet, or unnatural night time visitors, or in my own past, my sister being visited by a 'whitch' and the globes of light that were in both our rooms. Parents of course poo-pawed it, as reflected car lights, but couldn't quite explain my sister's diminuative 'witch'. I think the best way to categorize them is as 'powers and principalities'. They indoctorinate or implant ideas in us while we are young, that may come out later. But...again, there is a religious factor.... they have certain perimiters they must abide by, some might call it cosmic law, or a divine 'rules of engagement'.
    Do they have a signiture of 'bad luck X3? Act like ghosts, polterguits or even domens? Don't want to be bothered by them? Then tell them so, and treat them EXACTLY as if they are demons. If a Christian, this involves claiming Christ's sacrifice, his blood bought us, and they have no title on you thereby.

    Ours is an interdicted planet, entities are always monitoring. The question is, should we truly bother with projects like SETI when they are right here in our own back yards?


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