Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Extremely Rare Internet Power Opportunity

By Jeff Rense
12-16-15…Awesome And Available

     This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to acquire an extreme power site on the internet at huge under-market pricing.

As many of you know, on April 24, I was in a single car accident driving home at 6 pm to get ready for the 7 pm Pacific start of my three hour radio program. Suffice it to say, I survived by the narrowest nano speck of margins and am still recovering. The bottom line is that running the site, doing the three hour program each night and running the network is too much of a load to carry since the crash. I must lighten the work load as soon as possible in order to put that energy into healing
from the massive brain trauma I suffered. I am still not fully recovered and need a lot more rest and have decided to sell This has nothing to do with the radio program or the radio network. The site is a powerhouse and legend. It is a virtual turnkey operation. Not only is it priced to sell but it come with full FINANCING with an appropriate down payment.

Thanks to everyone who is responding. So far, over 40 dedicated people have replied to this more than unique offering and many would be excellent fits but they are not financially able to perform. I have not had the time to send Individual notes of appreciation to each of them, so let this serve as a sincere measure of appreciation to all who have inquired.

The internet is, every day, increasing its hold and influence as the supreme power on the planet in terms of the day-to-day psychological, mental, academic, general knowledge and emotional lives of most of its inhabitants. There is talk of ringing the planet with Wi-Fi satellites which will only increase the overwhelming power of the net to educate, monitor, surveil and communicate. It will also engage in mass mind control and manipulation through the MSM and then there are the countless corporations and governments which use it to influence and dominate and subjugate.

Television was a stunning advance and considered to be the most powerful medium ever… which was true. However, television was not interactive, the net is and the meaning of the astonishing control over billions of people has yet to be properly understood by most. Take a smart phone away from someone and watch many of them go into literal pscyho-emotional withdrawals in very short order. That kind of power is what makes this opportunity so rare and unique. This opportunity to acquire a site with 21 sterling years of service and worldwide respect and integrity just doesn't come along often, if at all. I'm happy to speak with you should you have interest in joining me as we present the reality of life on planet Earth to billions of people. - Jeff

Astonishing Number Of Sites...

There are now over one billion active sites on the Internet. One BILLION. To begin a new site and somehow attempt to drive it to the top level on the Internet is now virtually impossible. On the other hand, to have the gift of being able to purchase one of the world's most influential sites is extremely rare. In doing so, you are instantly at the top, commanding and influencing world attention and opinion. has been at the highest levels of the Internet news world for over twenty years. It is read and consulted by people from the world's elite to the masses trying to understand what the elite are doing to them. And now, there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become an Internet power-player as the owner of Whether a single individual, or a small group, your position will be that of an instant powerhouse.

When launched about 15 years ago, the corporation behind it bragged it spent about $85 million to establish the site with an Internet identity and with legitimate traffic to put it on the map. And that was a long time ago. What would it cost now?

The Internet will continue to become more dominant in scores of different ways as people use it for current information, an access to human knowledge, for business, as well as entertainment and enjoyment. Nowadays, unless you carry a high level presence on the net, you may as well not exist.

Three's A Crowd...

Jeff has created not one but three formidable media entities on the Internet: the legendary news site; the powerful Rense Radio Network at; and the nightly, three-hour Jeff Rense Radio Program now in its 23nd year in service to the world with over 18,000 guests interviewed. To operate these three platforms has put him in a position of working 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week…for almost 15 years. With the accident and healing to contend with, he must cut back and do so he has created and opportunity for someone of like mind to take to the next level of success. It's that simple. Jeff can then focus entirely on his 3 hour nightly program and developing the Rense Radio Network.

If you are interested in becoming a key player on the world stage with your own highly profitable new site with worldwide influence...don't hesitate to let us know. The WORK is already DONE and all you need do is to step in and engage. Again, a new owner can be an individual or a small group of investors.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime, extremely rare opportunity to grab a proven, rock-solid legend with a globally-respected, recognizable brand name at the uppermost levels of Internet world news, information, power and influence. The potential to take to a far higher and commanding level is obvious. Continuing interfacing and cross promotion from the Rense Radio Network and the Jeff Rense Program is an enormously powerful grouping.

A Genuine Powerhouse... receives over 1.5 million unique visitors per month.and over 15 million hits. These figures are taken directly from the site server in downtown Los Angeles. Rense has been an online presence for over 20 years. Like Huffington, Bloomberg, Reuters, Scripps, Breitbart, etc, the name is the BRAND. has been cited and mentioned everywhere from CNN to RT and countless newspaper sources. You can even find a sticker on a Vienna, Austria bus bench! It is an integral part of internet news and draws enormous respect for its strength and courage.

Let us know if you have an interest in a solid six figure income and being a part of one of the most respected, powerful, vibrant and legendary sites in Internet history…which has almost unlimited, untapped potential. No matter where you go for REAL news, you nearly always eventually wind up at Rense.

Interested parties are invited to send a confidential email to to arrange a private conversation. A changeover will be simple and full training and support will be provided. Your interest and inquiry will be kept absolutely confidential.

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