Monday, November 16, 2015

'Telepathic' Boy to be Tested by Scientists | VIDEO

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Ramses Sanguino

FIVE-year-old prodigy Ramses Sanguino has astonished his mother by displaying signs of being telepathic and now scientists are going to study his seemingly remarkable skills.
     According to Nyx Sanguino, 32, Ramses is able to recite random numbers written in secret - and is now the focus of a scientific study on the subject.

Nyx is used to being surprised by her child, who at just five is already learning seven languages and solving complex mathematical equations.

The youngster from Los Angeles, California, is believed to be one of the top five savants in the world and Nyx posts videos of her son showing off his talents online.


  1. The child may indeed be brilliant, but there is SOMETHING else behind his "ESP" than telepathy. Don't know what, yet...but we'll figure it out if the tests are fair and accurately measure or disprove the possibility.

  2. Why can't it be telepathy?


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