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The Roswell Slides – The Child from Montezuma Castle: A Summary

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Credit: Shepherd Johnson (Obtained via FOIA request to the National Park Service [NPS])
Credit: Shepherd Johnson (Obtained via FOIA request to the National Park Service [NPS])

By Curt Collins
The UFO Chronicles

Placard Deciphered - Illustration by Nippa Downey
Placard Deciphered
Illustration by Nippa Downey
     The key to the mystery of the “Roswell Slides” was reading the text in the placard pictured within. The deblurring that allowed the placard to be read has been independently verified by Alejandro Rojas, Philip Mantle, David Rudiak, Whitley Strieber Frank Warren and many more, and some using SmartDeblur, others using different software, Blurity, Photoshop CC and InFocus.

Some of the people participating in the investigation of the BeWitness show, after seeing the documentation, have since acknowledged that the placard reading is correct, Richard Dolan, Anthony Bragalia, Dr. David Rudiak, and most notably, Don Schmitt.

The placard matches historical documents and the body is described in National Park Service records and literature, which also mentions photos. Due to a FOIA request by Shepherd Johnson, the National Park Service has released documents that record the provenance of the child mummy from it’s discovery in 1896 in Arizona at Montezuma Castle by Richard Wetherill and S. L. Palmer, to its loan by the Palmer family to the Colorado Chapin Mesa museum, then to it’s transfer to the Montezuma Castle museum near the original burial site.

2-Year-Old Child Mummy Found at Montezuma Castle (Crpd) - 1896
2-Year-Old Child Mummy Found at Montezuma Castle (AKA Roswell Alien) - 1896 (Credit S.L. Palmer Family, Shepherd Johnson & The National Park Service
The 1896 photo of the grave doesn’t show the body well enough for comparison, but the 1939 photo is very good. There are other photos that have not surfaced yet, but to date, we have shots from three locations, decades apart, with the body in different displays. Besides the 1939 black and white photo, there are the slides from around 1946 at Chapin Mesa museum (presumed to be shot by the Rays). In June of 1947, the remains were moved to the Montezuma Castle museum, where it was photographed in 1956 by a tourist.

The photos were taken years apart with different cameras and lighting, from varying angles, but they are remarkably similar. It almost seems coincidental that photos decades apart are so alike, but due to the child’s head being turned to his right, it was displayed the same way over the years, to be best viewed from the side, thereby yielding similar photographs.

Mummy of two year old boy promoted as an extraterrestrial
Mummy of two year old boy (Palmer Collections) promoted as Roswell Alien. Picture allegedly taken by Bernerd & Hilda Ray circa 1947

Image discovered by Jorge Peredo via Picasa. Credit: Frank & Frances & Frank Hadl - December, 1956
Same mummy of two year old boy (Palmer Collection);image discovered by Jorge Peredo via Picasa. Credit: Frank & Frances & Frank Hadl - December, 1956

Most of the seeming differences in the body come from the positioning of the near-skeletal remains and the way the clothing is arranged around it. The photos of the body are so similar that details can be transposed over one another to demonstrate that they all picture the same thing.

Had the pictures of the body been presented in their proper context, with or without the placard, there would have never been a mistaken connection to the body to an extraterrestrial , or even for it to have been regard as highly unusual.

There are genuinely mysterious UFO cases worthy of study. The child found at Montezuma Castle, however, is not part of that. We should focus on examining new discoveries and genuine mysteries.

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