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Roswell Slides Debacle: "The Public Deserves a Financial Accounting"

BeWitness Roswell Slide Debacle

The Value of Being Earnest

By Robert Salas
The UFO Chronicles

     For the farce that was presented in Mexico City on May 5, we now have the apology of Donald R. Schmitt. We have the apology of Anthony Bragalia, although his was not to the general public but to Native Americans of the Southwest. And we have the indirect admission from Richard Dolan that he may have made a mistake. We still do not have a definitive comment from Tom Carey, Jaime Maussan, or Adam Dew who are still formulating a response. Today, Dolan declared, “. . . the matter of the slides is CLOSED.” I guess he and the rest of the group responsible for this want us all to now join hands and move on.

I think it is worth another look because there very well could be another motive for what transpired.

When the photos were first presented to some of the principles, they concluded that the Rays, the original owners of the photos were friends of Dwight D. Eisenhower. However, there has been no evidence presented to support that. Months before May 5, Tom Carey and others were making the very tenuous connections between the age of the photos, the relationship with Eisenhower and the Roswell incident of 1947. Somehow, all of the players in this comedy bought-in to that conjecture, even though, to my knowledge there is no evidence there are any such connections.

Anyone who seriously studied the photos for any length of time would have noticed the placard in the glass case and that something was written there. Months before the event researchers such as David Rudiak, Kevin Randle and Robert Hastings were making the point that even though the age of the photos could be accurately determined, there was nothing to connect them with the Roswell incident or prove they were of extraterrestrial entities. I also made this point and my suspicions about the integrity of Jaime Maussan prior to the event.

Weeks before the May 5 event, at least one respected researcher, Frank Warren requested to see a high resolution photo and offered to try and determine what was written on the placard. Numerous times, this request was denied. When a high-resolution photo was finally released, after the event, he was quickly able to read the placard using “off the shelf” de-blur software.

Second, larger rendering of the placard seen in the so-called Roswell Slides
Image, cropped from one of the so-called Roswell Slides, highlighting the placard, detailing the mummy exhibit associated with it, as provided by Adam Dew; the rendering was performed by Frank Warren using de-blurring and image editing software. Illustrations of the text were added for clarity.

Multiple sources have now confirmed it stated this was the mummified remains of a child.

One has to seriously question whether or not due diligence was followed in the process of validating the photos prior to the event by the event organizers and other participants. And, if due diligence was not done, we are led to what other factors may have motivated the fact they all went forward with the event with the knowledge that nothing of value would be presented.

Some of the participants claim that no money was made from this. However, if that is the case why were high prices charged for attendance and why was it streamed world-wide for $20 a pop. Certainly the organizers were entitled to recoup their expenses, but are they entitled if they promoted a sham? A recent news article from Mexico states that there were over 7,000 people in attendance at the event and another 2,500,000 paid the $20 to view the live stream! That is well over $50 million! If these figures are accurate, this is not an insignificant amount of money.

Notwithstanding what is being claimed about intent and purpose, the prospect of that amount of money would be a significant motive for the promotion and eventually going ahead with this shameful event. Before heeding the call to put this behind us, I think the public deserves a financial accounting.

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  1. > another 2,500,000 paid the $20 to view the live stream!

    Whoa! I've sent Jaime a Tweet asking to confirm (I included the pic of the Mexican article).

  2. Never put much stock in this in the first place. When someone does finally get a good picture of a 'grey' it will most likely be put on Utube and overlooked. All this hype was suspicious to me.
    Besides that...to catch one alive is pretty impossible unless they WANT to be photographed, as they are telepathic and seek to avoid direct confontration for the most part.

  3. > to catch one alive is pretty impossible unless they WANT to be photographed

    That is so precious. Karl Popper would chuckle.


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