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Roswell Slide Promoter, Don Schmitt Back on Stage

Roswell Slide Promoter, Don Schmitt Back on Stage

Don Schmitt Back on Stage at MUFON PA

Jack Brewer By Jack Brewer
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     Don Schmitt's first public appearance since the Roswell Slides debacle and his apology for his role in it proceeded as scheduled, according to John Ventre of the Mutual UFO Network. Schmitt had been scheduled to speak at the May 16 Erie UFO Conference, backed by MUFON.

"Yes, Don spoke," Ventre, the state director of MUFON PA, replied in a May 18 email to a query about whether or not Schmitt appeared at the event. "He felt the need to explain the Roswell slide incident but the audience told him they weren’t too concerned with what happened and to just present the Roswell story. They appreciated his wanting to clear the air though."

An email was also sent to Don Schmitt offering him an opportunity to comment on the circumstances. He did not immediately respond.

Critics will no doubt question the value of research Schmitt and his slides colleagues have to offer, given their latest errors that, if their sincerity is to be believed, demonstrate them at best to be extremely biased investigators lacking objectivity and sound judgment. Some will feel it reasonable to be very skeptical of any information members of the slides team present, particularly more assertions absent conclusive verification.

Meanwhile, beWITNESS promoter Jaime Maussan continued to champion the mummy depicted in the slides as an extraterrestrial being, recently taking to Twitter to offer a $10,000 reward (see below) to anyone who can produce the body. Outrage has been expressed about such actions and his ongoing rejection of the translation of the placard. He and the slide promoters have also been criticized for their general failure to address the numerous aspects of evidence that were promised to be revealed - but never presented - at the May 5 event in Mexico City.

His latest in a long line of grandstanding will no doubt fuel more animosity towards him, Adam Dew and Tom Carey, who continue to refuse to acknowledge the validity of the conclusive evidence published by the Roswell Slides Research Group which shattered their unsupported claims and arguably called motives into question. The skeptical group's findings were independently verified by multiple sources, including Frank Warren at 'The UFO Chronicles', who reported a lack of investigative cooperation from Adam Dew and Tom Carey in addition to confirmation the placard identified the corpse as a mummy.

Richard Dolan appeared at the beWITNESS event, called the slides compelling and repeatedly vouched for the sincerity and research skills of the slides promoters. In the aftermath of the wheels coming off, Dolan emphatically stated the saga is over for him and suggested the community move on.

While some UFO enthusiasts might choose to support Dolan's stance on the matter, others will question how a researcher such as he, that claims to be qualified to report on some of the most intricate and secret aspects of the global intelligence community, could have failed to accurately assess the slides fiasco as absurd from the start. Essentially, an argument could be made that it doesn't make much sense that Dolan couldn't figure out what virtually everyone else in ufology could surmise about the situation and the parties involved.

Others, however, will likely not care, as long as they continue to get what they want from so-called ufologists, whatever that may be. For them and the ufologists, perhaps the show must simply go on.

"His talk was very good," Ventre concluded about Schmitt's May 16 appearance.

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