Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Strange UFOs Reported Over Ibicuy Islands

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Strange UFOs Reported Over Ibicuy Islands

(Rough Translation)

      Residents of the Entrerriano Delta warn that rural roads in the area of Islands Ibicuy are stage again the appearance of strange flashing lights, breaking into routes in the most unexpected moment: "It is the second time it happens, on a trip I am from the area of my people in Mazaruca to Ibicuy in the field overnight, a kind of incandescent lights appear, they are like flashes that illuminate everything at once and then disappear, "he told AIM an inhabitant of the place.

Regarding the reaction to what happened he said that "at the time, amid the solitude of the country, you do not know what to do, because it is very surprising, are like the headlights of an oncoming car head-on but when you look back nothing, no vehicle, only the lights, flashing and go ".

"I do not think it's the famous bad light as many here believe that many stories are told, do not hurt you, but one is surprised that so intense, and then disappear almost do not quite realize, because it happens at a time very short, a matter of seconds, "described the man who requested anonymity in reserve to give testimony.

As recalled that long ago had a similar experience: "I happened accompanied by a nephew, perplexed, did not know what to do about the situation and then we even gave a little embarrassed to talk to our families, but we did and some believed us and others not. "

However, this man who has his home in rural continued to perform his usual route without major over several years, but noted that one of those times: "I faced again with a light like that, then I He panicked a little more, because there was no one, but fortunately suffered no harm, "he said. . . .

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