Monday, April 13, 2015

Proof of Aliens or Ancient Civilization?

Proof of Aliens or Ancient Civilization?

By Ollie McAteer
A huge question mark hangs over what this 300 million-year-old object is.

      Russian scientists have been pondering its existence since it was found in the 1990s – with many people believing it to be proof of highly advanced lost human civilisation, aliens or a fossilised sea creature.

It was discovered in the Kaluga region by researchers combing through the site of an asteroid strike.

The ‘screw’ was given its age after a series of X-rays by UFO and paranormal team called the Kosmopoisk Group.

A majority of experts think the object is likely to be a sea creature known as a Crinoid.

Some 600 species of Crinoids are now extinct but the creatures live on in different forms in modern seas. . . .

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  1. This is most definitely a crinoid fossil, nothing more, I have an absolutely identical specimen in front of me right now.


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