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Conspiracy Suggested Re Censure of Roswell Alien Slides and Upcoming Spectacle | VIDEO

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Conspiracy Suggested Re Censure of Roswell Alien Slides and Upcoming Spectacle

Partial Transcription of Jaime Maussan Interview

By Flor Lopez

    Beginnin at 0:26

Jaime Maussan: So, I want to tell you that on May 5th, at El Coloso de Reforma, we're going to present these extraordinary images that were accidentally recovered - two slides in which the images of a non-human being can be seen. A being, which according to the researchers who have looked into it, analyzed it for dozens of hours, it lacks the least signs of being a child, or a mummy, it's an adult being --

Male Interviewer: A corpse, right?

Jaime Maussan: No, it's a being with a very large head, small extremities, a small body, barely seven ribs on either side, when humans have ten or more. There are differences that make researchers think this is truly from another planet or another world.

Male Interviewer: And where were they found?

Jaime Maussan: These images were found by accident at a home in Sedona, Arizona. Someone lifted a box containing 400 slides, it bottomed out, and these two slides were found wrapped up [among them]. Research began, many of the slides had the name of the people who took them, investigation revealed that it was a very important couple in the 1940s and who likely were granted access to military facilities where they were able to take these photographs.

Female Interviewer: What year are we talking about?

Jaime Maussan: Between 1947 and 1949. There are a lot of elements, they have been analyzed by photographic companies, and the photos have been found to be genuine. In other words, these are positives, rather than being negatives, these are positives, and they show something that in 1947, well, people didn't have the concept of the large-headed extraterrestrial. That didn't exist at the time. As you know, in the 50s all movies had monsters and so forth, and things whose nature eluded them. And you can see this image there.

Male Interviewer: So how did you come across this, and how are you going to present it?

Jaime Maussan: I was at an excavation in Roswell, I spoke to the experts, they told me about this, and it occurred to me to invite Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man on the Moon, who lived in Roswell at the time when the spaceship crashed there, so he knows the story and believes it to be authentic. We're talking about the 6th man on the Moon here - an astronaut, a legend. He agreed to come, so then I got all the elements together, arrived at a settlement, and acquired the exclusive rights to present this for the first time. This event is unique and will not be repeated anywhere again with these characteristics. Furthermore, it will have a ten meter screen, simultaneous translation for the 10,000 people in the audience, we'll have everything we need, we'll have eight cameras for a live screening that can be followed over the Internet. So I think there are many elements - you can see Clark Gable, Mr. Eisenhower, images that were mixed in with the ones showing these beings. The foremost Roswell researchers will be presented,

Richard Dolan, a historian, who will tell us the importance of all this. It could change history.

Male Interviewer: In changing history, might you not get into a fight with these guys?

Jaime Maussan: Well, I've been threatened, they've told me not to do this, that I'll be destroyed --

Female Interviewer: How do you mean? But who --

Jaime Maussan: No, it's coming from the United States. They're very angry that this should be shown, that it's a fiasco, that it isn't true, that it's a hoax . . ..

Female Interviewer: Why is the United States so skeptical even about this famous area . . . what's it called? Area 51

Jaime Maussan: Well, that's different from Roswell, but I believe there are many interests [at work]...I'm not sure who's financing these people, if there's money involved, but they want to destroy the case and keep it from having any significance, because this could be the small crack in the wall...

Female Interviewer: But there is so much talk about Area 51 - the other day I was watching a documentary and there was a pilot saying "I could see lights that many people see in the sky coming out of this area"

Jaime Maussan: The technology of the ships, the technology that surrounds us, a fair share of it comes from there. That's why we've had huge leaps I think...that there are different elements in each case that give the phenomenon its authenticity.

Man: So what do you have to say to all those people who don't believe any of this?

Jaime Maussan: Here's the evidence - it's physical evidence, real evidence, persons of the highest rank will be at Reforma, and I think it's time for them to attend an event of this magnitude. So..I don't know. I'm very proud to have been involved...concerned by these threats, but it won't keep me from doing it. It will be done, and..and, well, I expect people will support me, will be there, and that this event will become a watershed event in the history not only of the phenomenon, but the human race.

Man: So is the Mexican government involved in any of this?

Jaime Maussan: No. Fortunately they leave me alone, at least I've never had any problems, I've never been threatened, I've never been told anything, and well, the [UFO] community is now incredibly divided in the United States. Some speak positively, others poorly and everyone wants to be a protagonist.

Female Interviewer: Exactly.

Jaime Maussan: This will be a mega-event.

Female Interviewer: Well, thank you very much for inviting us.

Male Interviewer: It'll be very interesting.

* Special Thanks To Scott Corrales for Translation

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  1. What a SCAM-O-LA! Just keep stringing us along...I wonder why they'll have to postpone the unveiling, once May gets here...


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