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Phoenix Lights Witness Goes Public | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

Phoenix Lights Witness Goes Public | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

Phoenix Lights Witness Goes Public;
Life Changing Experience was Much More Then a UFO Sighting!

By Scott Petrie
The UFO Chronicles
© 4-27-10 / 2015

      . . . I was working that Thursday night, March 13th 1997 and was right in the middle of trying to finish the job I was working on before our break time at 9:00 pm, which was about a half an hour away . . . all of a sudden I had a “strong urge” to stop what I was working on, which I tried to fight—this went from “an urge to a command” and I couldn't fight it!

As I turned, I said out loud, "WHAT?"(even though I was working alone). As I stood up and turned 180° to look towards Phoenix, I dropped my tools and to my astonishment when I focused on what was appearing in front of me—there were 3 balls of light of a type and color I will never forget. It was like watching a cartoon as the orbs were lit from within. They were an orange color like “fire with red and yellow churning” inside each one.

Once all 7 were lit up one at a time (north to south), they just hung there about 500 feet above the southeastern part of the airport and river bottom. One orb kept getting out of line and zip around and then get back in line again; then they all started moving and went from the semi-circle they had been in for 4 or 5 minutes, they then made a “V-shape” and started to turn southeast in my direction.

As the pointed front part of this V swung around, the second it was directed at me, I was "hit" with something that I can only explain as "being scanned.” It instantly knew me and everything about me that second. I was so scared that my "fight or flight" clicked in and I turned and started running away. I didn't get far before I realized that this thing was about 8 or 9 miles away. I turned back and “my fears instantly left” as I watched the V make an elegant banked turn performing a U-turn over The Point South Mountain and glided silently due west, parallel to the South Mountain range, until it got to the end of it, turning left and going behind the range over Rainbow Valley South towards Tucson.

Since that night, as the years have gone by, I've been watching the sky every night with nothing to report; then one night in 2008 I'm inside watching TV, when I get the same “command” to go outside and look up—I did, and what I saw flying over at the 12:00 position, right where I was "prompted" to look was a swirling cloud at an extremely high altitude traveling due south. It was swirling like water going down a drain and had a light shining through it from behind, which was dimming on and off as it flew over; it looked like a little "Milky Way Galaxy" flying along, blinking on and off as it passed.

It was starting to get farther towards Tucson, but still visible, I said to myself under my breath "well, at least it didn't do anything crazy like zip around " because it was at a constant speed and a constant direction. Just as soon as I finished saying this, it zigzagged back and forth and then continued it's same heading and went out of sight. Both times I've had these sightings I was summoned to watch, and I know that this is only the start of what is going to be seen by all. I know that I've been picked to prepare for their arrival, and I'm getting like Dreyfuss [Close Encounters] lately, going a little bit nuts . . . so says my family and friends. Suffice to say: I know this is the real thing, not our government, not anything from here.

Any comments can be made here at The UFO Chronicles, as I keep in touch with Frank (Warren) exclusively; I have grown to trust him above all other professionals in the field. Thanks for reading.

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