Tuesday, March 17, 2015

MUFON Censors Their Former International Director?

MUFON Censors Their Former International Director?

What’s next MUFON? Book Burning?

James Carrion
By James Carrion

      Well I had the most interesting of experiences today on Facebook. I joined the Official MUFON Facebook page and proceeded to post the following, from MUFON's Website:
"The study of a phenomenon commonly known as unidentified flying objects is a random observational event that makes it difficult to use all aspects of the scientific method but at the same time it is an area where it is very important to use scientific procedures and techniques. The UFO phenomenon does not lend itself to experimentation that allows one to examine the phenomenon in a controlled manner."

The closest that MUFON has come to using the scientific method was with the AMP project, and years after the data was collected, there are still no published findings.

MUFON has been in existence since 1969...and has had scientific consultants that entire time. Where are all of the scientific research studies it has been conducting? You won't find them on its website or hiding away in Hangar 1, because they simply do not exist.

MUFON is not scientifically studying UFOs, it is collecting data and has been doing so for over 40 years with nothing concrete to show for it. No hypotheses, no conclusions, so in a nutshell - no science. Collecting data for the sake of collecting data is not science, it is a landfill.
As all of the MUFON Facebook page posts go into a pending status and have to be approved before actually publicly posted, I patiently waited for the moderator to take action, and within a reasonable period of time, my posting was approved. The only one to comment on my post just happened to be MUFON’s Director of Investigations, Steve Hudgeons. Here’s the exact conversation word for word:
Steve: “I am guessing book sales are down...”

Me: “Yes Steve, they are down, given that my book is available for free at http://rosettadeception.blogspot.com. In fact, book sales are non-existent. Go figure.”

Steve: “as I expected.....he is looking for a fight”

Me: “Hmmm... you throw the money angle card at me and accuse me of a fight. How magnanimous of you. As MUFON's Director of Investigations, perhaps you would care to comment on the substance of my post instead of trying to make this a personal attack?”

Steve: “you make a comment about MUFON on a MUFON page....and you are saying ‘I’ am being personal??? You walked into this room.....I didn’t walk into yours”

Me: “I am sorry. Is that your official MUFON response? Is MUFON now publicly censoring its own membership? Perhaps you were not aware that I am a MUFON lifetime member.”

Steve: “see what I mean?”

Me: “Actually I don't. Healthy debate is a hallmark of any healthy organization.”

Steve: “we do not debate in here”

Me: “Is that another official MUFON response? What is the purpose of this Facebook page than? Are only those who toe the party line allowed to comment and any criticism of the organization rejected outright?
I then decided to look at the MUFON page posting rules and was in the process of submitting the following, when an error message from Facebook popped up on my screen stating that the post could not be submitted:
Me: “No need to answer...I found the answer in the ‘rules and guidelines’ - This is a page where we discuss and share opinions about anything pertaining to the study, investigation, discovery and science of the UFO phenomena.’ I didn't see the part that said just MUFON opinions.”
Incredulously, faster than I could hit the enter key, the page moderator removed the entire post. So fast was their response, it would have made a WW2 censorship official proud.

If an organization that claims to champion the search for truth cannot take the least bit of criticism and has no qualms about censoring its own membership, including a former International Director who not only contributed a pretty financial penny to the organization as a MUFON lifetime member, but also contributed thousands of sweat and blood unpaid volunteer hours, what does that really say about this organization and its leadership?

What it tells me is that an organization that resorts to such tactics is not to be trusted with anyone’s opinion or data as the bonfires of censorship are antithetical to the pursuit of knowledge. What will you burn next MUFON?

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  1. MUFON used to be the most legit game in town...now they have that asinine TV show where they act like they're super-secret saucer spies in some dangerous crusade against the secret government. It's SUPER hokey.

    It TOTALLY de-legitimizes them...


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