Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Two Commercial Flights Have Been Buzzed By UFOs Over Perth

Two Commercial Flights Have Been Buzzed By UFOs Over Perth

UFO or secret rocket base? Unknown object in Perth's skies

By Paul Entwistle

     Aviation experts and ufologists are puzzled by an object that forced a Perth-bound flight to take evasive measures last year to avoid a collision.

On March 19, a Skippers Aviation flight was forced to change it's approach to Perth airport after the crew spotted a "bright strobe light" directly in front of the aircraft.

The De Havilland DHC-8 aircraft was about 25 kilometres north-east of Perth at an altitude of around 4000 feet when the object passed within 20 metres of the flight, according to an incident report lodged with the Australian Transport Safety Authority.

The pilot's testimony in the report described the object as "cylindrical in shape and grey in colour." . . .

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  1. I'm really keen to find out where they keep all these UFO paraphernalia in storage! With all the things that they find over the years, they HAVE to have kept them somewhere right?


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