Friday, January 30, 2015

New Air Force UFO Files Site is Mysteriously "Unavailable"

New Air Force UFO Files Site is Mysteriously "Unavailable"

      Editor's Note: For reasons unknown, John Greenewald's extension to his Black Vault web-site, housing copies of the Air Force's Project Blue Book Files is currently inaccessible.

When attempting to access the site ( we find the following message: "Due to situations out of my control, The Project Blue Book material is currently unavailable."

The news of Grenewald's addition (Project Blue Book files) has been trending with both mainstream media and social networks for over two weeks, albeit with erroneous information. The common theme with almost all the news outlets is that Greenewald made the Blue Book Files not only available, but accessible online for free for the first time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

John himsef stated:
First off, I never, EVER, made it appear these documents were newly declassified. The media created that, and many outlets copied each other. Many of the stories you see, I was never even interviewed for, yet I am quoted extensively.

Second, I went out of my way to say these documents have been available, even in some places online, during the course of the interviews I did do.
We've reached out to John to see what's going on–FW

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