Thursday, January 22, 2015

Do Foo Fighter Images Represent 'The Real Foo Fighters?'

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Foo Fighter Pic from Gilles Fernandez

By Gilles Fernandez

     Foo-Fighters are aerial phenomena (usually one or more white balls of light, yellow or red) reported on numerous occasions by the crews of the Allied air forces or Axis during the Second World War ( Wiki ).

I emphasized "reported" because all the research I have done to date leads me to note that no newspaper articles, military documents from the forties, i.e., any or all historical/graphical sources that have been made available—are not accompanied by a picture whatsoever. In other words, one would find that the evidence, i.e., reports, briefs etc., are just text, and there weren’t any photographs associated therein.

However, now with the onset of computers and the web, just type "foo fighters" in your favorite search engine and there are numerous vintage photographs illustrating or intended to illustrate the phenomenon.

In other words, when I became interested about 2010 in Foo-Fighters, since they are a recurring theme of ufology, I wondered if these photographs had not been added retrospectively by ufologists, while in no case do they actually represent the phenomenon.

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