Friday, January 23, 2015

Air Force UFO Files: Media Misinforms; Greenewald Sets Record Straight

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John Greenewald By John Greenewald
The UFO Chronicles

     First off, I never, EVER, made it appear these documents were newly declassified. The media created that, and many outlets copied each other. Many of the stories you see, I was never even interviewed for, yet I am quoted extensively.

Second, I went out of my way to say these documents have been available, even in some places online, during the course of the interviews I did do. But, I converted them to a comprehensive and user friendly database, that quite simply was a format that was not available anywhere else and this was the first time the public could get unrestricted access to them. IE: it was free, required no registration, was searchable, and you could download them all with a few clicks in PDF format.

Third, I gave credit to the investigator who compiled the 130,000 jpeg images, which he then started circulating for someone to figure out how to convert them to a better format about 8 months ago. For a couple months, no one did anything with them (but circulated a torrent file), and although I offered to help store the files on the web, I felt I wasn’t smart enough to convert them to something that was web-friendly. After about 3 months, and I noticed no one cared or was able to take the project to the next level, with the full knowledge of the one who compiled the data, I built the entire database. Converted 130,000 jpeg images (which are just about as useless as microfilm, but at least they were digitized) to a user friendly format.

Here was the full process
• I created the scripts to convert the 130,000 jpegs into more than 10,000 .pdfs

• I then created acrobat action scripts to OCR (text recognition) 10,000 pdfs and at the same time, created filters to pass the images through to make them more readable to the human eye then their existing format

• I then programmed the entire site in HTML 5, built the indexes broken down by decade, and uploaded the 220GB of material to my server

• I then created a massive search engine that mined the 10,000 pdfs and created a searchable index which is what you see today

The original compiler wanted no credit but to that of a nickname which is what I’ve given out and posted on my page as the top, #1, credit.

There have been a select FEW that are going around claiming quite a bit, and attacking me personally. What the media says, or reports on, is out of my control but I have done everything to the best of my ability to circulate the proper information, nothing but the facts, and give credit to where credit is due.

At the end of the day, the media and the hundreds of thousands of people a day who are now hitting the archive obviously were not aware these records were available, so even though some of the news stories became factually incorrect, who cares? Regardless of that fact we can easily set them straight on, the mass media attention, much of which is very good press, is all fantastic for this field.

Those that are beating a dead horse, are simply wasting time.

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