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Replicating the Roswell Rock | VIDEO

Roswell Rock & Replica - Comparison (The original is on the left)
Roswell Rock & The Replica By Ron Branch (The original is on the left)

Replicating the Roswell Rock

By Ron Branch

      In July of 2008, while roaming the internet, I came across an interesting story about a carved stone known as ” The Roswell Rock ” that was found in 2004 by a man out hunting in New Mexico. Recently, because of certain of it’s peculiarities, he had been encouraged to have it looked at.

The lines and shapes of the carving seemed too precise, too perfect, and had the odd appearance that it had somehow been raised up from out of the natural surface of the rock. Experts and professionals began examining it, but were unable to determine how it could have been carved. They said that even under a microscope, no evidence of tool work of any kind could be found. This in itself was probably enough to make it an object worthy of continued study….but there was more.

Passing a magnet over it would cause either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation depending on the placement of the magnet. Interesting – but more than that, two dominant elements in the design, tangential circles featuring yin-yanged crescent moons, seemed to be placed precisely on these two rotational pull points…

Even more interesting … but it didn’t end there.

At some point someone noticed that this same design had appeared in 1996 as a crop formation in the UK. . . .

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