Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Are Aliens Attacking Our Nuclear Arsenal? | VIDEO

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Are Aliens Attacking Our Nuclear Arsenal?

Are aliens attacking our nuclear arsenal? ‘Unexplained Files’ explores this Tuesday

By Maureen Elsberry

     Science Channel is set to explore a highly debated topic within the field of UFO research. Are extraterrestrial civilizations trying to shut down our nuclear weapons? This Tuesday, on The Unexplained Files, hear from retired USAF officer Robert Salas, Paul Stonehill, and others.

A release from Science Channel explains, “From the U.S. to Great Britain and Russia, senior military personnel worldwide have witnessed strange UFOs over nuclear installations. In some instances they have reported that all nuclear warheads became inoperable when the UFOs are overhead. In this all new episode of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES, former military officers believe the U.S. government and others know the answer, and aren’t revealing all they know to the public.” . . .

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  1. Perhaps the reason why some US nuke silo officers have not been up to par with their duties is that the nukes have been rendered inoperable by the UFOs and the silos are only manned for show today, more or less the same reason why we have incredible UFO technology as evidenced by the black triangles and yet we spend huge sums on space rockets and jets.


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