Monday, August 04, 2014

Former MUFON Director, James Carrion & Noted Ufologist, Stanton Friedman at Odds

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Former MUFON Director, James Carrion & Noted Ufologist, Stanton Friedman at Odds

Stanton Friedman - Look In the Mirror

James Carrion By James Carrion

      Recently, Stan Friedman was interviewed on the Paracast and was asked about my recently released book "The Rosetta Deception". You can hear his interview here.

I will answer Stanton’s comments on the Rosetta Deception by using Stanton Friedmanisms: "Don’t bother with me the facts, my mind is made up and if you can’t attack the data, attack the person."

All of my Rosetta Deception research is based on facts that are well documented in the book. Stanton admits he hasn't yet read the book but then categorically says I am full of baloney. Stanton later says he will read the Rosetta Deception and write an article for the MUFON journal on it but then states that he “predicts the book will be disinformation.”

Astoundingly, later on in the interview when asked to offer an opinion on Stan Romanek, he says “I don’t have enough information to have a reasonable opinion”. When asked about some alleged new Roswell related material recently found in some attic, Stan states, “I don’t know enough to have an opinion” and “why should I replace facts with conjecture?” Uh? Did you not just do that Stan by calling my research baloney and disinformation when you still have not read the book?

So Stanton, here is my response to your penchant at contradicting yourself: Practice what you preach and do your homework and get your facts straight before you commit to an opinion.

The things Stanton said in the interview we can agree on and which should stick out to him when he reads the book and as he is penning his MUFON journal article:
• How easy it is to keep secrets and how important “need to know” is in the intelligence community

• The tremendous amounts of money earmarked for the intelligence community

• Disinformation is a well-known Government activity and was used heavily in WW2

• The importance of code breaking during WW2, “Thank God for Enigma and Purple”

• The enemy reads American newspapers too

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