Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aliens Reported in Captivity | UFO CHRONICLE – 1954

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Flying Saucermen Reported Captive - Wellington Post 10-19-1954
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By Wellington Post

* Special Thanks To Barry G & Project 1954

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  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I saw three UFO's in a rather short span of time and nothing before and nothing since. The three sightings occurred in the mid 1990's while I was living in south Florida. The first sighting occurred in the early evening around 5PM on a clear day. I was sitting on the front steps of the house I was living in at the time smoking a cigarette and looked up and to my right to notice a glowing orange sphere moving very fast at high altitude from south to north. My best guess is that the object was at least ten thousand feet in the air and moving over a thousand miles per hour. The flight of the orange sphere was smooth and constant and it simply moved quickly out of sight. Remarkably, two weeks later I was again outside on the porch smoking and saw the same orange sphere moving high and fast but this time more directly overhead and not to my right. In both cases the object appeared as a perfectly round, glowing orange sphere moving extremely fast at high altitude. My third sighting occurred within the same span of time I was living in this house, though I cannot remember if it was before or after the two orange spheres sighting. This sighting occurred late at night after midnight perhaps 2 or 3am and the stars were visible. I stepped out the side door to put a garbage bag in the garbage can which was was just outside the door. I stepped outside and looked up to notice an extremely bright star. Immediately I thought to myself "wow, that is a very, very bright star". A few seconds after this thought ran through my head the light made a tight, curving motion upward and faded out within two seconds. This was no satellite, airplane or helicopter. It was high and silent with a piercing , dazzling brightness to it. It moved quickly and disappeared instantly. I have had no further, personal UFO sightings since that time. - Agent D


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