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Three Prominent UFO Researchers Debunk MJ-12: Thirty Years On, the Hoax Still Lives

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Three Prominent UFO Researchers Debunk MJ-12: Thirty Years On, the Hoax Still Lives

By Robert Hastings

     Following Alejandro Rojas’ recent article about MJ-12 at Open Minds, which discusses the fraudulent nature of the affair, I decided that the time was right to begin reposting summaries of my own, 1980s-era investigations into the matter. In brief, I was one of the first persons to expose the disinformational aspects of MJ-12, involving now-retired Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI or OSI) agent Richard Doty, whose infamous duping of Linda Moulton Howe and other gullible members of ufology is now legend.

But the origins of MJ-12 were more complicated than that, involving the fraudulent actions of now-disgraced ufologist Bill Moore, whose almost-certain forging of certain “documents”, to serve his own financial motivations, were co-opted by OSI in the furtherance of the overall scheme to mislead (misdirect) researchers and the public regarding government interest/disinterest in UFOs.

Another researcher, Barry Greenwood, together with the late Bob Todd, discovered early on that Moore had made highly-incriminating statements, and engaged in highly-incriminating actions, which inadvertently exposed the early stages of the hoax. Greenwood is best known for his co-written book Clear Intent, (with the late Larry Fawcett), which examined UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites, among other topics, and remains a standard for rigorous ufological research.

Greenwood has just restated his initial MJ-12-related findings, first published in the mid-1980s, as adjunct commentary to a just published summary of the affair by another leading researcher, Dr. Kevin Randle, whose important work relating to the Roswell Incident is well-known.

My own 2009 summation of my 1980s-era findings relating to MJ-12 will also fill-in a few blanks. While Greenwood, Randle and I have different interpretations of some aspects of the still-kicking hoax/disinformation scheme—not to mention the UFO phenomenon in general—we have independently discovered enough overlapping, incriminating, noteworthy facts to warrant this joint presentation.

Alas, Linda Howe’s regrettable willingness to be a doormat for disinformationalists is well-established and ongoing, despite her self-perceived role as Disseminator of Truth in the UFO arena. One only has to review her many wholly unsubstantiated and highly misleading statements about MJ-12 “documents” and “witnesses” at the May 2013 mock congressional hearings to understand that her well-meaning but nevertheless damaging actions have only served those who would mislead, rather than inform, the public about UFOs.

Nowadays, when being a UFO “historian” apparently means that one has participated in one or more of the current crop of trashy UFO “documentaries” on the History and H2 Channels (which in the past aired UFO programming worth watching) it is important to remember that there are actually serious researchers out there, whose work would be considered valid in an investigative journalism or even an academic context. Greenwood’s and Randle’s commentary is required reading for anyone claiming to have an informed understanding of the MJ-12 Affair.

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  1. Hats off to Barry Greenwood! He's largely responsible for my own interest in ufology and my concentration on documents--- which eventually led to my case against the NSA for the Yeates Affidavit in 1992. I don't pay much attention to this field any more, dominated as it is by the same old same old snake-oil salesmen. It's nice to know there are still a couple of honest men out there like Diogenes with his lamp, seeking truth.


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