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Echoes From the Past: The MJ-12 Disinformation Scheme Still Reverberates

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Echoes From the Past: The MJ-12 Disinformation Scheme Still Reverberates

By Robert Hastings

     A spotlight has recently been directed at the UFO-related MJ-12 disinformation ploy originating at Kirtland AFB’s Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) in the 1980s, involving now-retired AFOSI Agent Richard Doty, who forged government documents and engaged in other nefarious actions—under orders, he claims—to direct interest away from bona fide, secret Air Force operations.

Ten months ago, Open Minds’ Alejandro Rojas filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Air Force, in an effort to more fully understand what had taken place. His article about the effort was recently posted at:

Not surprisingly, Rojas was given no new information; the documents he received from AFOSI were first released to researcher Barry Greenwood and others in the early 1980s.

Nevertheless, Rojas should be credited with making an effort to address the still-reverberating episode, given that self-described UFO “historian” Richard Dolan and others are currently promoting the supposed legitimacy of the bogus material forged by Doty, his civilian shill Bill Moore, and (more recently, in the MJ-12 2.0 caper) Tim Cooper.

Because I was one of the original investigators of the MJ-12 operation, together with Greenwood and the late Bob Todd, I can offer some insight into the origins, early execution, and still-unfolding repercussions of this colossal and partially-successful effort at misdirection.

My first exposé, “The MJ-12 Affair: Facts, Questions, Comments”, released in March 1989, may be read at:

My more recent update, titled “Operation Bird Droppings”, published in March 2009, is at:

I also recommend Barry Greenwood’s excellent article regarding his own findings on MJ-12, at:

In keeping with disinformation-disseminator Doty’s many false or half-true statements over the years, his current position on what occurred is still intentionally misleading. Indeed, the film Mirage Men unknowingly circulated the retired OSI agent’s latest spin regarding the reasons underlying the MJ-12 gambit, which I expose at length below, in my reposted article about Doty’s interactions with the late Paul Bennewitz.

The unfortunate government contractor had stumbled upon, and began to publicize, a legitimate secret being kept by Kirtland’s OSI—ongoing UFO incursions at the nearby nuclear weapons depository, the Manzano Weapons Storage Area—and, therefore, needed to be neutralized.

The person selected for the job was Richard Doty who, before the first phase of the operation fizzled out in the late-1980s, had also successfully duped cattle mutilation expert Linda Moulton Howe, UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, and a host of other persons interested in the secrets the Air Force might hold relating to the Roswell Incident and other aspects of the UFO phenomenon.

Most of the details relating to the overall picture may be read in my Bird Droppings article. Here, however, I will again present a brief summary of the operation involving Doty’s first target, Paul Bennewitz:

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