Saturday, May 10, 2014

Alien Hunter on a Mission | VIDEO

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Alien Hunter on a Mission | VIDEO

By Debbie Levy Strauss
KPRC Local 2

     HOUSTON - Derrel Sims, a larger than life Texan living near Houston, is an alien hunter.

"I suspect they're living on a massive craft," said Sims.

Sims walks around in a cowboy hat and coat in the middle of the summer.

"They seem to love fear," he added.

Sims claims to be the world's leading expert on alien abductions, whose fascination began as a child.

"My first interaction with these entities was at age 4 in Midland, Texas," Sims said.

After nearly four decades tracking extraterrestrial events, Sims is now a Hollywood star, appearing in a cable TV show called "Uncovering Aliens."

"So I use my skills as an investigator, a former cop, a combat cop in the military and a private investigator," said Sims.

These days he works with a team to investigate reports of alien activity --looking for proof.

"You usually find markings on these people, cuts, bruises, scratches, lumps, bumps, and things that don't make sense," he said.

So what does an alien look like?

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