Friday, May 16, 2014

Mysterious Circles Discovered Off Coast of Croatia

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Mysterious Circles Discovered Off Coast of Croatia - 2013


     During last year’s routine underwater mapping, 28 perfect round shapes were discovered in the underwater vicinity of Dugi Otok Island. Each of them has 50 meters in length, and the circles are 300 meters away from each other. They consist of unexpectedly rough terrain, devoid of any floral life, as if some Godzilla-like being walked the Adriatic’s bottom, leaving its circular footsteps in the underwater grassland.

. . . The locality if often visited by Croatian scuba divers, but until last year, nobody noticed the pattern. There was a suspicion that circles were made by illegal fisherman, who use dynamite in order to kill their prey and collect it upon emerging on the surface. However, experts discovered that measurements do not match. The circles are too perfect to be caused by explosion. . . .

. . . The circles are scheduled for more complex analysis in the future, but for the time being, it seems that humans are not the only intelligent beings enjoying the beauty of Croatian coast. . . .

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