Saturday, March 29, 2014


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Uruguay's UFO Files - Your Need to Know

By Open Minds Production

     In this episode we will explore Uruguay's UFO investigations. Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America and witnesses have reported phenomenon in Uruguay since 1947. It is one of the countries where the military seems to be more open-minded towards the UFO phenomenon. In 1979 the President of Uruguay established the 'Commission for Receiving and Investigating Complaints of Unidentified Flying Objects' or CRIDOVNI as an official department of the Uruguayan Air Force. The commission receives, researches and investigates UFO sightings as part of their routine activity and they openly explore the possibility of extraterrestrial origins. . . .

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  1. URUGUAY,CHILE,ARGENTINA BRAZIL,MEXICO,the UK releasing batches of documents and last but not least FRANCE publishing the COMETA REPORT under the aegis of the government with the presence of top scientists ande high rankintg officials and coming to the conclusion that the EXTRATERRESTRIAL HYPOTHESIS is the most probable....If the hard core evidence of UFO REALITY WERE to be weighed by a grand jury,there is little doubt that an indictment would be handrd down!......How long is this farcicle attitude going to last?........Do we have to consider that a scientist of the caliber of WERNHER VON BRAUN IS AN OLD DODDERING FOOL OR afflicted with the most vicious form of alzeimer disease when he says he saw the wreakage of a strange craft near roswell with their ailerons, no controls no jet enfines no air intake.but a strange skin that seemed to coat the machine as well as the small beings.He thought that his high clearance would be immediately admitted where the craft was all the more as his old friend was in charge of the fated room......GOLDWATER was stupified to hear his friend blow a gasket and warn him never to ask about this ropic again.......And what about jimmy CARTER witnessing a UFO himself then promissing that if he was elected he would clear up the matter! Once in office not a word about ufos....And i could go on like that with lots of the same examples and once again arrive at the conclusion that to crack the UFO conundrum will happen when ETes give the green lihgts


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